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Keepin' It Fresh: Colognes. Whatchu Sportin?


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all the time, tha ladiez they be axein me, "Garrow, whycome you smell so fresh and/or fly?"

well, tha answer is relatively simple, cologne!

herez a list, of my colognez 2 keep tha ladiez olfactory systemz buzzin, ya feelz me?

Eau d'Italie Jardin Poete

Drakkar Noir

Cool Water

New West

Derek Jeter: Driven

Derek Jeter: Driven Black

Derek Jeter: Driven Sport

Derek Jeter: Driven Fresh Citrus

Derek Jeter: Driven Warm Cedarwood

Derek Jeter: Driven Aromatic Spices

Gucci Guilty

Acqua by Nobile 1942

Santa Maria Novella Melograno

Armani Code

I like 2 wear a different brand every day/night 2 werk and/or tha kloughhb. always keep tha fly honies guessin! Feelz?

What kind of scentz you be sportin, playaz?

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Let's see. I have:

Candie's for Men


Safari for Men

Lucky You for Men

Drakkar Noir

Curves for Men

Pierre Cardin

I'm sporting Mambo today.

i had a bottle of curves 4 men, i thin kit was called "crush", but im fairly positive my cousin swiped it.

good stuff, i got some complimentz on it in tha past.

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Always like Paul Sebastian and Polo (or as I always call it Polio), but my girl just loves the smell of Drakkar so I've been using that mostly to keep her happy and In turn she's making me very happy

ive been preachin tha drakkar hard.

Honiez love it

alot of peopz think it's 2 common, but what can u do? it just werkz

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Drakkar? Are you Persian or something? Drakkar smells like 8th grade.

lookit, like i said: it just werkz; honiez love it.

personally, my personal olfactory tastez have matured: ie, Eau d'Italie Jardin Poete

not 4 nuthin, 212 on Ice is pretty dope, but when your ready 2 go next level hit up:

Acqua by Nobile 1942


Santa Maria Novella Melograno

you'll thank ya boi, Garrow

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