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Falcons Vs. Cowboys Week Nine 2012


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Looking at the 2012 schedule one week at a time. Week Nine: The Cowboys

Trouble Brewin in Dallas?:

The Cowboys are the ultimate underachievers. They have been picked to win the Super Bowl seemingly every years since they have been in the NFL. They have several standouts on both sides of the ball, but can never seem to capitalize on, well, anything.

Bright Spots:

Romo hit over 4100 yards by spreading the ball around (no 1000 yard recievers), DeMarcus Ware is one of the best at getting to the QB.


Can they put it all together? Can they score with their rushing attack (only 5, yes F-I-V-E rushing touchdowns in 2011)?

Key Matchup(s):

Matt Ryan vs. The Cowboy Defense. Tony Romo vs. the Falcon secondary.

Game Outlook:

Count on Romo trying to lead his offense in this game. The Cowboy QB is accurate and rarely makes mistakes. Look for the Falcon's to do whatever they can to take away the pass (lots of pressure and a couple of free-roaming saftys). We could see plenty of screens and play action from Atlanta as they try and keep Ware and the rest of the defense honest.

There are no easy wins:

Sorry Cowboys, your window is closing. I see this one as a hard-fought win for the Falcons. While Romo is a great QB, they do not have a running game to keep the Falcons off-balance. This opens the door for Abe, Edwards, and Spoon to get in Romo's face. The Cowboys do not lose this game due to mistakes or turnovers, but more so because Atlanta plays them hard after coming off a disappointing loss to the Eagles. I think the Cowboys give up some sacks and pressures that give Atlanta the edge. I'm taking the Falcons 28-24, making them 6-2 as the first half of the season closes.

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