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The Starter Pitching Staff Looked So Strong Before The Season...

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Hudson - season vet, and really we get what we expect out of him

Hanson - not the ace we thought he'd be, but still gets the job done and is a good #2

Jurrjens - talk about walking off a cliff, 9 ERA and we are bringing him back to try some more

Beachy - great start, done for the year

Minor - awful start, has no confidence

Delgado - started bad but has turned it around

Vizcaino - looked to become a starter or at least a bullpen arm, but injured for the year

Medlen - we won't allow him to be a starter, that's against some rule in baseball

Teheran - we refuse to bring him up and give him a spot in the rotation


So we have two quality starters in Hudson and Hanson and doodoo the rest of the way. What looked like our biggest strength is anything but

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