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This Is The Sickest Thing You'll See


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I almost didn't post it... really disturbing


There have been plenty of weddings that had college football themes. For instance, there was one couple who decided to give their wedding a Red River Rivalry theme considering one was an Oklahoma fan and a Texas fan. That was a beautiful wedding because it was a display of two people overcoming the hate they're supposed to have for each other.

Then there's this cake from a wedding in Athens, Georgia.


Safe to say these folks are Georgia Tech fans, not Georgia fans. Not that you really need the "to **** with Georgia" note to figure that out.

There are so many things about this cake that I find conflicting. First of all, a dog run over by what I can only assume was a Georgia Tech Ford Model A sport coupe doesn't look like something I'd want to eat. Secondly, I love dogs, and even dead cake dogs make me sad.

But it's red velvet, you know? Red velvet cake is delicious.

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