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ok sooo...

I currently own a western digital network drive. I transferred my music from my computer to the network drive. The transfer went smoothly but all of the files that had been hidden are now visible and it is driving me crazy. I right click on the files go into properties and try to hide the files and nothing happens. I currently have "Do not show hidden files, folders and drives" but of course the files still show. I toggled it on and off, hoping for a change and nothing happens. What is weird is that I can hide files with no issues on the computer hard drive, just not the network drive. Any ideas or solutions?

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Did you format the network drive before you tranferred your files? That could be an issue. Western Digital stuff has always been crap, but that's just my opinion.

The drive has been formated since I first installed it. I gave them a call today and they said there is no way around it. He said it happens to most NAS drives and even servers but for some reason I think that's a load of sh*t. There has to be a way around it.

I think the important question is: Why do you want to transfer your porn to the network drive?

Who stores porn on their computer anymore? what do we live in 2002?? Redtube and many other streaming websites are much more efficient, not that I would know anything about that ph34r.png

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Dumb question...Are you the network share Owner?

or possibly using a diffrent log in on the network vs the PC?

Just seems odd you can't hide/restrict the folder so "something" is off

I am on the computer which I installed the drive on, and I am the admin for both the network drive and the comp.

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