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Nightline Msm Fail...jesus Christ, Do These People Actually Think?

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So I usually don't watch Nightline, but got interested in one episode that popped up on Hulu. They started by talking about stupid, dangerous stunts that people engage in like car surfing and the cinnamon challenge. They had some big brained psychology types talking about how analogous these stunts are to drugs...you need to keep pushing the envelope to get the same high. All of the caveats and warnings were included...don't try this at home, don't do stupid irrational things that put you in danger.

Then, I s*** you not, they went immediately to the next segment which was about...a guy who FREAKING TIGHT-ROPE WALKED ACROSS NIAGRA FALLS.

Seriously?!?! They do one segment condemning stupid, risky stunts and the very next segment was a positive, doting segment on a guy doing a stupid, risky stunt?

And nobody stopped long enough say, "hmmm...maybe we should think about how these segments speak to each other." Fookin' idiotic moronic stupidity right there.

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