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Need Some Legal Opinions

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Currently there are over 2400 former NFL players named as plaintiffs in the lawsuits against the NFL. I think it is pretty obvious that the NFL actively tried to distort concussion research, but this article makes more than one reference to research coming to light in 2005 and then says the NFL does an abrupt change following some congressional hearings in 2009.

My question is how much can the NFL be held liable for the players that have issues but played before the research showed the dangers of repeated concussions? The suit seems to specifically aim at the fact that the NFL knew about the issues and intentionally hid/distorted them. In order to hide or distort the research, the NFL would have to be aware of it first, wouldn't they? So how can they be accountable to the players who have issues from before this research came out?

In addition, what would the NFL need to do to protect itself in the future?

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