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Diesel Exhausts Cause Cancer According To Who

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Tank builders spray diesel fuel on large weld seams to find weld leaks after constructing large petroleum size tanks. They do this instead of filling the tanks with water and then having to drain them, thus wasting the water. The amazing thing is after spraying one side of the weld with diesel fuel you wait about 15 minutes and go to the other side and if you see a wet spot, you have a leak. Diesel fuel can even penetrate the smallest pin hole leaks and exit the other side. Diesel fuel is no joke.

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I thought this thread was gonna be about Tha Fast and tha Furious movies.

Calm down, you almost used complete and proper english and spelling in a complete sentence. EASE baaaack on the fun son, you almost sounded like a person for moment. Don't let it happen again, ok?

Be aware and post safely. Don't be who you are. ph34r.png

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