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Will The New Refs Be Nba Bad?

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I'm going to do my best to relate this to the Falcons...

Has anyone been watching the NBA playoffs? The refereeing has been utterly horrendous, it seems as though the refs have an agenda and they are so frustratingly inconsistent with calls from night to night and from city to city... it's really hard to watch! IMO the best reffed games are the ones you don't notice the refs in, when they can keep control of the game without becoming overbearing, and I always believe that refs should never decide a game. You watch a Heat or Thunder game some night and Durant, James and Wade are shooting almost as many free throws as their opponents - on fouls that aren't called the other way...

With the NFL refs locked out and the league scouring the "minor" leagues and retired castoffs for replacements, the quality of refereeing (which I would say has been pretty solid for the most part) could decrease significantly. As I said previously, a bad call should never determine the outcome of a game... but just for discussion sake what happens if our Falcons lose a close game on a bad call? Is it just part of the game, or is the NFL playing with fire and need to make sure they hire their quality refs back?

I for one am not going to be a happy camper if poor refereeing gets in the way of quality football, and God forbid costs the Falcons a game...

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It seems to be a trend with sh*tty officiating. MLB has had some horribly called games as well. I'm from Toronto and we had a player fire his helmet at an umpire for making a horrible call

Lawrie threw his batting helmet on the ground and it bounced wildly, hitting the umpire. If he'd thrown it at the umpire, the suspension would have been much more severe than 5 games.

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I think that's what the Ref's union is hoping for. A few really badly called games and the fans will be demanding them back. Unfortunately for the Refs they don't have the public pressure that got behind the players to end the lockout ----- because they are refs.

Once the people get behind them, the NFL will cave.

If they are Clark Kent bad though......my god I'll pay the Refs myself to get back out there. "Foul on Oakland! Not playing Taiwan Jones! He's awesome and way better than 4th RB! Ejecting Goodson and Reece for unearned playing time and Greg Knapp for disagreeing with me!" laugh.png

But seriously, I'd pay myself.

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