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Subject: Natalie Hershlag (Portman)

Born: June 9, 1981 (age 31), Jerusalem

Height: 5' 3" (1.60 m)

Education: Harvard University (1999–2003)


Face: Of an angel.

- She was the female chosen by Britain's Daily Mail to prove this point..

Don’t rely on a pretty face: Beautiful people with symmetrical faces more likely to be selfish

- And this..

Natalie Portman's nose and Scarlett Johansson's lips: The face of the 'ideal woman' according to plastic surgeons' most popular requests

Body Analysis: Everything is tight, everything is right.

- Boobs are average size but pert. But dem legs ‘n dat azz>>>

- Firm and lean. She looks like a woman who knows her way around a yoga mat.

Talents, Demeanor & Intangibles:

- There's something Natalie Portman has that other women don’t... I have no idea exactly what that is though... but it is magical.

- Natalie is most likely gonna be the most accomplished, respectable woman we cover in this thread... I doubt we're going to have many more Oscar winners or Harvard grads.

- She is mature, intelligent and distinguished.. unfortunately this means that she hasn’t appeared in very many scantily-clad pictorials.

- She gave one of the best performances ever given by a child actor in The Professional and followed it up with Heat. And she's been firmly entrenched on Hollywood's A-List ever since.

- Natalie also probably will end up having one of the better personalities and senses of humor of any of the ladies we will cover. Her self-mocking skit as a gangster rapper on SNL was a hilarious example of this..

Score: 9.75

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WOW. That's higher than I would have expected for someone that's barely taller than an oompa loompa. You must have a major crush on her wink.png

She does deserve at least a 9 though and I must admit I do have a thing for short girls at times... Just not tooooo short.

I'd have given her a 9.85. No matter the height....she's an angel.

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I've always said most women look better with long hair, and short hair almost never looks good on a woman.

When you look good with a shaved head as a girl then you know you're something special..


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