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Do We Need Swagger?

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I remember people questioning whether Sean Weatherspoon's mouth would make some teams avoid him in the draft, but he has demonstrated that this bravado was used in a fun, positive way, and it hasn't stopped him from getting his head down, fitting in, and contributing to a high standard. In fact, his outward confidence has probably put him in a position to take over the mantle of defensive leader from Lofton, and another factor in why the FO were prepared to let #50 walk.

I see much the same thing with Asante. So long as it is channeled in a positive manner, and to help the team bond and grow in confidence, then there is no harm in it. The important thing is that Samuel doesn't run his mouth to the press if things don't go his, or the team's way, but I'm hopeful that his experience will mean he stays professional.

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Guest TheIdowu

Justin Bieber uses the word "swag". Nuff said..

Off topic, but why do so many people hate on imply hate on Justin Beiber. . . . . a kid?!?! Unless such people who hate are around his age? LOL

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