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Someone Just Stole Your Identity!

Spacey C

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They throw back this piece of **** condo that I want to move out of but my wife won't get off of her *** to help find something new. They also throw back the wife who won't get off of her *** to help us get out of this piece of **** condo. They throw back the Trailblazer (14 MPH) but keep the CRX (42 MPH, and still in great shape). They throw back the PC (8 years old) but keep the laptop. They keep the '63 Fender Jazz Bass and my PA system but throw away tons of useless electronics (cassette decks, mostly). They keep the CDs but give me back the 600 vinyl albums. They also keep the 20 or so DVDs but pitch back the 1,500 or so bootlegs. They give back the TVs. I'm waiting to buy good ones when my wife gets off of her *** to help me move out of this piece of **** condo.

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