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    • [img]http://www.fashionstyleme.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/salma_hayek.jpg[/img]
    • [img]http://www.hollywoodchaos.com/content/posts/254/top-20-celebrity-babes-with-mouth-watering-cleavage-full-view-img-19.jpg[/img]
    • [img]http://watikalemon.com/watikalemon/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/christina-hendricks_bf2db375.jpg[/img]

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As stated earlier, Halle's don't actually look like that most of the time, but she still has held up well.

I feel like once the redhead got out of the pushup bra, they would just look like a pair of soggy squashes w/ half dollars stuck to the ends.

Hayek is like an open jug of milk, you wanna get that right now, because it looks like it could go bad at any minute.

So,, if we're talking just rack, I gotta go with Salma. However, if we're talking about the entire package, I'm gonna go Halle.

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