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David Thorne, Trolling God

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"I don't know what you people do in your own country but in America we don't go onto other peoples property and touch their stuff."

The photo above of my neighbour Justin plugging in his electric leaf-blower is the best I could get without being caught. I had to take the picture using the digital zoom from between venetian blinds so I apologise for the quality. I'm not Annie Leibovitz.

I did not get along very well with my neighbours in Australia and seventeen thousand miles away, little has changed. The fat redheaded family to our right have a fat redheaded dog that enjoys standing in our driveway and barking at 2am, the old couple to our left have never been seen unless you count glancing towards their house and seeing their blinds close quickly, and Justin across the road recently installed a spotlight on his front porch facing directly towards our bedroom window.

As we are moving in a few weeks to larger premises with less neighbours, the last night we are here I intend to shoot the fat redheaded dog with a paint-ball gun, moon the old couple, and steal everything in Justin's front yard that isn't bolted down because that is pretty much standard operating procedure in Australia.


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Those are freaking awesome. Honestly, I see a little FalconBob in some of those responses.

Yep, I was thinking the same thing. I love the site and imagine I will waste quite a bit of time on there. I just love a good smartazz, and that site offers so many good examples of epic wit.

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