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Odd Hiring Practice By Vandy Coach:

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I don't know about Franklin, but looks were not my #1 criteria when I was trying to find a good partner in life. My wife is attractive, but that was just a bonus. I can't believe he allowed this to be printed.

Might be the first smart thing Franklin has ever said! Lol. But seriously, he was joking. Just the press trying to make a spin on something harmless. Especially this time of year when not much is happening.

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To me, Franklin is doing an absolutely incredible job at Vandy. Those kind of teams have to do what everybody else isn't. He understands that. Some of his tactics and his approach would not work at major schools like Alabama or Georgia but he is ideal for a team just trying to break in and get a piece of the pie.

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franklin is a joke when he opens up his mouth. however he has given his team some backbone for a chance which will help him be more competitive.. however his mouth is writing checks his team will have to cash and vandy has been able to go under the radar game in and game out. however now there are teams that have that game circled because of his antics and his oline's dirty playing.

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