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Cole Hamels..would You Do It?


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I know the Braves have been in the business of not overpaying for players, but we've all witnessed what this pitching staff has become. There is no can't-miss prospect in the organization (Teheran might be close, but the ceiling on him is starting to come into sight) and its obvious that we need a shut down guy in the rotation. With all that being said, Hamels, at 28 (29 in December) will be a FA as we know and most likely will not remain in Philadelphia. We've got a good chunk of money coming off the books in the offseason, so my question is, would you bite at 6-7 years, at $140m? Personally, I'd flirt heavily with the idea and hope he can pitch at a high level in to his mid-30's. He's thrown for over 200 innings in 3 of his last 4 seasons, and is on pace to do the same this year. He had a hiccup in '09, but has been one of the best pitchers in the NL since then, and one of the best in the league the last couple of years.

There are no rumors about us being interested, and I'm positive he will be dealt this summer if the Phils continue to hover around .500, just thought this would be a good topic for discussion.

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I would think long and hard about it. He has been everything you said, plus he is a lefty. I know our pitching depth has been hyped by us, media, and the organization, but I actually think they have been over hyped. They have potential, but that is all it is the old saying of potential will get you fired keeps coming to mind. While I hope they live up to it I still hold reservations, and a guy like Hamels would be hard to over look

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I would seriously think long and hard about offering him that kind of deal. But I think the more pressing need is to get a legit bat to replace Chipper next season. The only knock I have against Josh Hamilton is injuries. Plus he's a bit older. He just turned 31. So you're talking about giving an outfielder with injury problems going into his age 32 season a 6 or 7 year contract for $100M plus.

I go hard after someone like Andre Ethier. Plus with Bourn being a free agent. I think the off-season would have to be a successful if the Braves were to somehow keep Bourn and add someone like Ethier to replace Chipper's production. But I think Magic is gonna want to make a big time statement to the Dodger fans and how else to do that but spend huge money to keep Ethier and bring in Hamels? I think Hamels ends up in Dodger blue one way or the other.

Someone that might be more realistic given the team he currently plays for and that would come cheaper is B.J. Upton. I highly doubt the Rays will be able to keep him. I know the Rays have taken their young pitchers and developed them and then trade them when it's time for them to become free agents. But I think they view David Price differently. I think Price is someone the Rays will look to try to lock up.

Upton is a right-handed bat which would be a better fit in our lefty heavy lineup. How would you guys feel about this? I would be extremely thrilled if this were the Braves lineup for next season.

C - Brian McCann (L)

1B - Freddie Freeman (L)

2B - Dan Uggla ®

3B - Martin Prado ®

SS - Andrelton Simmons ®

LF - B.J. Upton ®

CF - Michael Bourn (L)

RF - Jason Heyward (L)

Before the season started I was all over the David Wright bandwagon and I would still love to have him (over Upton) but I think he has proven himself to the Mets and will get that big deal from them. I believe that was one of the reasons they didn't attempt to keep Reyes.

If I were the Phillies I would think long and hard about trading Hamels. They raided their farm system bringing in Cliff Lee the first time and bringing in Roy Halladay and other trades they've made. I think the Phillies have to realize that they need to rebuild. They could learn something from the Braves. Don't make the same mistake the Braves made the waning years of our run when we kept trying to reload with a over the hill injury riddled team. The Braves should have tore down the team and rebuild. It wouldn't have taken as long as it did to get to where we're at now.

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