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Depth Chart: Updated After First Ota Session

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FLOWERY BRANCH — A lot of attention was paid to the offensive line this off season, but when the Falcons lined up for their first OTA practice, the line remained intact.

However, coach Mike Smith has promised competition across the board and the offensive line, under the direction of new offensive line coach Pat Hill, will be closely monitored.

Sam Baker was at left tackle and Garrett Reynolds at right guard along the starting offensive line during drills Tuesday. Tyson Clabo (right tackle), Todd McClure (center) and Justin Blaylock (left guard) rounded out the unit.

The second line consisted of Andrew Jackson (RT), Vince Manuwai (RG), Joe Hawley ©, Mike Johnson (LG) and Will Svitek (LT).

On the third line were Peter Konz (RG), Tyler Horn ©, Phillip Manley (LG) and Bryce Harris (LT). Third-round draft pick Lamar Holmes did not participate because of broken toes on his left foot. He watched drills while wearing a walking boot. Holmes also missed rookie camp earlier this month with the injury.

Lofa Tatupu worked with the first-team defense at middle linebacker.




WR11 Julio Jones, 12 Kevin Cone, 15 Michael Calvin, 16 Marcus Jackson

LT 72 Sam Baker, 74 Will Svitek, 70 Bryce Harris

LG 63 Justin Blalock, 79 Mike Johnson, 68 Phillipkeith Manley

C 62 Todd McClure, 61 Joe Hawley, 64 Tyler Horn

RG 75 Garrett Reynolds, 65 Vince Manuwai, 66 Peter Konz

RT 77 Tyson Clabo, 67 Andrew Jackson, 76 Lamar Holmes

TE 88 Tony Gonzalez, 81 Michael Palmer, 86 Tommy Gallarda, 85 Marquez Branson, 85 LaMark Brown, 86 Adam Nissley

WR 84 Roddy White, 83 Harry Douglas, 80 Kerry Meier, 19 Drew Davis, 17 Cody Pearcy, 18 James Rodgers

QB 2 Matt Ryan, 8 Chris Redman, 4 John Parker Wilson, 14 Dominique Davis

RB 33 Michael Turner, 32 Jacquizz Rodgers, 44 Jason Snelling, 35 Antone Smith, 30 Dimitri Nance, 40 Robbie Frey

FB 42 Mike Cox, 44 Jason Snelling, 34 Bradie Ewing


RE 55 John Abraham, 90 Lawrence Sidbury, 98 Cliff Matthews, 69 Louis Nzeqwu

DT 91 Corey Peters, 99 Vance Walker, 92 Travian Robertson, 67 Regis Micanor

DT 95 Jonathan Babineaux, 94 Peria Jerry, 97 Carlton Powell, 70 Ray Kibble,

LE 93 Ray Edwards, 71 Kroy Biermann, 96 Jonathan Massaquoi

OLB 56 Sean Weatherspoon, 50 Robert James, 43 Rico Council, 30 Matt Hansen

MLB 51 Lofa Tatupu, 52 Akeem Dent, 46 Max Gruder, 40 Pat Schiller

OLB 54 Stephen Nicholas, 59 Spencer Adkins, 49 Jarrell Harris

RCB 22 Asante Samuel, 23 Dunta Robinson, 21 Christopher Owens, 27 Robert McClain

NB 23 Dunta Robinson, 24 Dominique Franks, 21 Christopher Owens

LCB 20 Brent Grimes, 24 Dominique Franks, 29 Darrin Walls, 38 Marty Markett, 37 Peyton Thompson

SS 25 William Moore, 26 Charles Mitchell , 40 Chad Faulcon

FS 28 Thomas DeCoud, 39 Shann Schillinger, 41 Suaesi Tuimaunei


K 3 Matt Bryant

KO 5 Matt Bosher, 9 Dawson Zimmerman

P 5 Matt Bosher, 9 Dawson Zimmerman

KR 17 Cody Pearcy, 18 James Rodgers, 24 Dominique Franks, 83 Harry Douglas

PR 24 Dominique Franks, 83 Harry Douglas, 20 Brent Grimes, 17 Cody Pearcy, 18 James Rodgers

LS 82 Joe Zelenka, 47 Josh Harris, 48 Corey Adams

H 5 Matt Bosher, 80 Kerry Meier

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I really hope Sam Baker gets mauled by some UDFAs come preseason like he did against Carolina, although I'm not even sure if that'll be enough for TD to hand him his pink slip. I was really hoping some of the season ticket holders would have asked some of the real questions instead of tossing the FO softballs.

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Surely this FO can't keep trying to pass off Baker as an LT or Reynolds as a RG , say it ain't so! Realize our mistakes and let's move on. SMDH!

I think it was PFT that produced the numbers where Sam Baker has been one of the 5 worst players in the league the past two seasons. Not lineman, but players. Dude is a 300 pound man coming off of two back surgeries in four years attempting to play one of the most dangerous sports on the planet. There are healthy people on the planet who can't even participate in some less intensive sports after one back surgery. Baker is done.

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Looking at the pictures on the team website it is apparent that Reynolds

wins the "head and shoulders" contest. He is a huge man. There is a picture

with the O-Line at the line of scrimmage and the second team and third team

stacked behind them. Then behind all of that is Lamar Holmes and he still looks

big. There is a fierce competition that is about to begin. Jobs are up for grabs.

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How the Hail did this MOFO break his freaking toes for crying out loud .........dry.png

Lol multiple too! I was thinking the same thing. It must have been a freak accident on the first day of rookie camp or something.

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Lol multiple too! I was thinking the same thing. It must have been a freak accident on the first day of rookie camp or something.

I mean there has been absolutely no mention of how he obtained the injury, or how long he is out ...... .....not a very good start for him to say the least ......

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Very good info even with a few hickups

This has to be some unofficial depth chart

DT Carlton Powell and TE Marques Branson

are on this depth chart

and neither were re-signed in Jan 12

Yes --They both still appear on the roster but it is an error

that has been pointed out several times on this board.

also does not show the 3 tryout players that were signed

Lee Meisner FB

Kenny Stafford WR

Aron White TE

It must include some Xtraining with Reynolds still at Guard

and Jackson at a tackle spot

Edited by delaigle
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