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Dolphins Doing Hard Knocks


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Guest Fibonacci

So I guess this means Dolphins are a playoff lock now?

lol. have all the hard nocks gone to playoffs? I was thinking one of them did not.

but I am happy for them to get some more eyes on them. they did need it because of the division they are in.

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I believe this was a move purely orchestrated by Stephen Ross. Nobody else wanted the spot on Hard Knocks but Ross wanted his team to have the additional publicity even at the cost of hurting the product on the field.

It makes me very glad to have a great owner like Blanks.

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will watch as I do every year.

There are some good stories there, should be a very cool QB camp battle, Bush will be interesting, the front office is much maligned, Dansby is a talker.

not bad, should actually be better than most expect.

still, gutted the falcons didn't do it

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