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France is ranked by FIFA at 16th in the world. These draws and wins are really not impressive once you put them in context.

Chile- Fifa ranked 13, Result= 1-1 draw

Albania- Fifa ranked 84, Result= 2-1 win (Not impressive) and 3-0 win

Romania- Fifa ranked 45, Result= 0-0 draw (Not impressive)

Bosnia- Fifa ranked 27, Result= 1-1 draw

United States- Fifa ranked 29, Result= 1-0 win

Belgium- Fifa ranked 44, Result= 0-0 draw (not impressive)

Germany- Fifa ranked 2, Result= 2-1 win (I’ll give you that one)

Iceland- Fifa ranked 131, Result 3-2 win (Definitely nothing to cheer about. There should have been no doubt about this one but there was)

The key will be to see if France implodes on itself again like it did in the World Cup. They could be really good but we’ll see. Other than that, there results aren’t too impressive, especially against Iceland.

You left out a victory against England in that unbeaten streak too....which will be the first team we face in Euro 2012 next week.

Fifa rankings are a joke. There is literally no way there are 130 nations better than Iceland. I also think that draw against belgium was very impressive. They have one of the best young sides in the world, and their defense with Kompany, Alderweireld, and Vertonghen will be the best defense in Europe in ~3 or so years time.

All things considered as long as M'vila isnt hurt too bad we would have to be favorites to win it all. Results dont lie, and all those teams are class. Romania and Albania would stomp most nations in this world.

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A victory against England is a good win, even with the internal issues of the team and addition of new call ups.

According to FIFA, there 130 teams better than Iceland based on international play over the past 4 years. ****, out of the 369 matches that Iceland has played, they have won 101, drawn 69 and lost 199. That isn't a superb record so I wouldn't be patting anyone on the back for beating them.

I'm glad you are hopeful for a return of French futbol but be realistic when you look at where they are based on the results against some rather weak teams. France has the talent but who knows if they can put it together on the big stage. Argentina and France were expected to do well in the last Cup but they both went home early.

We must also look at who they are playing.

Being in Uefa, and being a lower seed, means that Iceland has to play some of the best nations in the world a lot more often than they would smaller nations. A close friendly against a nation like Denmark or Sweden and the losses quickly add up. Iceland has the talent there though, and they could easily be contenders for world cup spots in Oceania,Asia(they are better than that japanese league based North Korean side who got to the world cup in 2010), or even Concacaf.

France werent going to do well regardless at the last finals because Domenech didnt bring his best players.

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Hes lucky to be alive after a horrific car accident as a youth. I posted his picture because he has scored in the last 2 matches.

He also gets grade A women.


Local Imam has put a hit out on Julian for posting hot white gurl. Sorry J, keep your head low bro

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Toronto FC has like the highest attendance rates in the MLS.

Its not as big as Hockey, but its much more popular there then it is with their southern neighbors.

That's because Toronto team is the Leafs the phucking Leafs man ....can't blame them, to look elsewhere.

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It's those Liverpool players that may make the difference. If they allow Baines to make those over-lapping runs that he is so great at, he can setup some beautiful shots for Rooney, Carroll and Welbeck. If Parker is in form he can be quite dangerous. The team is loaded up with talent.


I see what you did there.

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