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Guest Gritz

Aha! Your the guy that pushed my 90 yr old grandma to the ground and snatched it out of my 6 yr old grandsons hands. smile.png

He pushed my dayum helper monkey out of the way and stiff-armed the Make-A-Wish refugee I brought to the game too for the stupid azz shirt.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have 2 signed prints of paintings that I did of Steve Bartkowski and Brian Finneran.

That is truly awesome. When I get down to Atlanta next (don't know when), you and I are getting together. I'll make you dinner (I'm a good cook) at your house...and we'll talk football...women....whatever you want

You supply the drinks :lol:

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I have a Authentic Riddell Helmet signed by Mike Vick and Matt

Ryan. Vick signed first then Ryan signed. Vick's sig has authentication w/ pic, but I just have a pic of Matt Ryan signing it but you can see where Vick's Sig was already there.

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