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2013 Interleague Play Schedule

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• 20 interleague games per team.

• No more than one interleague series per day in April and over the last five weeks.

• No more than one road interleague series per team in the final five weeks.

• Division-by-division matchups rotate annually.

• Every team in a division will play the same five teams in a corresponding division in the other league, plus four "rivalry" games.

• Only four "rivalry" games per team, likely played home-and-home and back-to-back in this format: Monday-Tuesday in one park, Wednesday-Thursday in the other.


The one thing that jumped out at me was the 4-game rivalry series and how that would be played (2 in one park and then the next 2 in the other park). I don't know how many of you remember but the MLB tried something similar back in 1998.

The Braves played 2 games against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium and then played 2 games at Turner Field on 4 consecutive days.

They dropped at that experiment after only that 1 year.

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I wonder if they'll be forcing a rival on teams that dont really have one like Texas for example with Houston now in the AL

Well that can become a natural rivalry especially if the Astros ever get good again. The ones that don't make a lick of sense is the ones like the Padres-Mariners and Pirates-Tigers.

I think the Braves-Rays has the potential to become a natural rivalry. With so many Braves fans that live in Florida and the fact that the Rays finally established themselves as a legit championship contender and that the Braves are making their way back to being a championship contender. There were a few years there they didn't play but now they've played twice in the last 3 years.

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so who would be our rival? I hate the Yankees but dont you think they would be considered the Mets rival more than ours?

According to what I heard teams like the Braves and Red Sox would have more than 1 that would change on a yearly basis. The Braves would be the Red Sox and Blue Jays and the Red Sox would be the Braves and Phillies. I guess MLB thinks that because the Braves and Blue Jays played in the 1992 World Series that made them a rivalry.

But like I explained I could see the Braves-Rays becoming a big time rivalry. And I like the idea of a rivarly week in baseball like they have in college football.

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The Rays already have their natural rival in Miami so I suppose it would remain Boston for us

Partly right. MLB has built up Boston-Philadelphia so much over the past few years. They played 3 times this season, 3 times in 2011, 6 times in 2010, 3 times in 2009, 3 times in 2008.

That's way more than the Braves have played the Red Sox the past few years. The Braves play the Red Sox this season for the first time since they played 6 times in 2009. They didn't play in 2008 and played 6 times in 2007.

There is no reason they can't rotate the Rays-Marlins, Rays-Braves every other year with the Braves-Red Sox rotating with the Phillies-Red Sox every other year. In the years the Marlins don't play the Rays who would they play? I don't know. Maybe they play the Blue Jays. All I know is that the Braves-Blue Jays is no more of a rivalry than the Mariners-Padres is.

Also as said earlier where does this leave the Braves-Yankees? When interleague play started back in the 90s the Braves rivalry games were against the Yankees like I mentioned earlier. The Red Sox weren't that good in the 90s and it wasn't till they got good that they started promoting the Braves-Red Sox.

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