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My suggestion is this, in addition to the "like" lets have a currency system.

Call it whatever, be that Falcons Claws, Feathers, Sand Dollars, (suggestions open)

How it is generated.

My first thought as that any vet that has many "Likes" automatically gets those likes turned into said currency (Gritz)

How said currency is generated.

If you start a thread you get a buck and a buck only.

If you reply to a thread you get two bucks for each response up to 5 bucks depending on the amount of characters typed.

How these said bucks can be used.....

Another option which opens up a whole bevy of fun is a wagering, be that in a Fantasy Football league, fees to join something or just a plain "I bet you we win by two scores on Sunday" between to forum members.

I have seen this work in other forums who have something like this set up. It does many things but most of all it encourages responses to threads rather than starting new ones, Plus it is just fun and may be a good addition to our community.

Every community should have some type of currency even if it is not real.


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I like the idea, but imagine it would be extremely hard to write the code, especially when we get to talking "i bet two bucks we win the next game"

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