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Best Ending Song-Scene To Tv Show Or Movie

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House of the Rising Sun >>>>>>>

This was the top comment for that^^ video..

The old guy with the glasses who did the hits in this scene is the actual wiseguy Frank Cullotta who was portrayed in the movie by Frank Vincent. Cullotta was in the witness protection at the time and worked as a consultant in the movie. According to story, Cullotta was dissatisfied by the performance of the actor who played the hitman, so Scorsese told him to do the scenes himself.

rasnac 1 month ago in playlist

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Janice sees an anger management consultant and learns how to control her nerves and his brother Tony gets jealous this situation because he also has problem with his anger and he tries to drive Janice crazy with making jokes about Janices's real son who is a streetboy and raised without a mom...

The Kinks - "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"


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I can't find the right scene online, the one I found the music has been changed. But Smokin' Aces with Clint Mansell's "Dead Reckoning" playing as Ryan Reynolds locks himself inside the room with the 2 baddies and pulls the plug on them as Andy Garcia and company bang on the glass.

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