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Who Becomes Our Kr/pr?


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I think we have far more options at return guys this year than we did last year. With the addition of Samuel, Dominique Franks could see more ST action. He looked VERY good as a punt returner in pre-season last year.

Plus we have the two little receivers that we got as UDFAs...James Rodgers and the little phenom Pearcy. Then there's HD, but I don't know if we wanna risk him as a return guy at this point. Plus there's one other UDFA (name slips my mind) we signed that was known as a return guy.

I have a feeling that out of all these guys, this position is gonna be a HUGE improvement. Weems wasn't horrible, he was fairly reliable. But we need more explosion.

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I am a 27 year Falcon Fan on the West Coast. Oregon in fact and have gotten to see J Rodgers tear it up for a few years at Oregon State. He is smart and has good speed and vision. They ran alot of fly sweep package with him from the slot so he knows how to turn a corner and burst.

As much as I would like to see him on KR/PR, he is not all that fast. Maybe 4.5-4.6 type guy. He is 5'7" and about 180lbs and he is not very durable. Missed games due to concussion and they lost him to a knee injury as well.

Keep in mind, James is smaller that Danny Woodhead and slower.

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