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Atlanta Falcons: Barrett Jones, G/C, Alabama Alabama_logo.gif

2012 NFL Mock Draft selection: None

The Falcons need help at either right guard or center, depending on where they plan on using Joe Hawley. Barrett Jones conveniently can play both positions.

Didn't we just draft Peter Konz for this very reason? I can probably see us draft Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame more so than another G/C.

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TE must not be that important a position in the draft to TD or we would have already addressed it in this draft, or last draft, or the year before that,...

I don't see why anybody in their right mind would draft a TE in the first round unless he is slated to be a can't miss, all world, future NFL Hall of Fame prospect. I don't think the guy from ND qualifies for that right. Not yet anyway.

Barrett Jones will be a top five pick next year and if we pick him it will mean Ryan was hurt most of the year due to shoddy tackle play anyway.

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I agree I like Stoneburner a lot.

All we should really need next year is a RB, TE, DT, and back up QB

We could still be looking for a LT, S, LB depth and a CB (depending on Grimes and Dunta).

A player to keep an eye on is Zaviar Gooden, LB, Mizzou. He was Spoons replacement.

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I think his best position is guard, but some team will try him at Tackle. He was a better left tackle for the tide than James Carpenter was.

If you can play LT better than a first round pick at that position, with OG being your strongest position and ALSO being capable of playing good OC, you're a top 10 pick - Simple.

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so an interior linemen is going to be a top 10 pick?

Personally, I think he's got LT potential and I'd draft him top 10 for that. He was stellar against LSU. If he doesn't pan out at LT, at least you've got someone that can fill in anywhere else. He's a blue chip OL prospect.

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