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James Rogers A Falcon

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A lot of talent but I can't imagine him lasting as a WR in the NFL. Maybe we can bury him on the depth chart and use him as a returner.
you can always find ways to use him.. he could hold up in the slot.. he'll be going up against NB and LBs and safties.. he is very quick.. plus u can line him up in the backfield similar to percey harvin... Or u could just use him as a punt and kick returner...
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let's remember these players that were considered "too small" to play in the nfl. desean jackson 5' 10", darren sproles 5' 6", mjd 5' 7", danny woodhead 5' 7", steve smith (panthers) 5' 9", trindon holliday 5' 5", wes welker 5' 9", etc....... i can go on and on and on and on. i'm sick and tired of hearing and/or reading about people who say he can't make it in the nfl. the league can poke and prod all they want but the ONE thing they or anyone else for that matter can't measure is HEART. that is what in part can make a 7th round pick or udfa take a 1st rounders job. if james makes the team which i hope he does, it's because he's got heart just like his brother. just a fun fact about quizz, he's NEVER fumbled running the ball....

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