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A Mock Too Far

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So no clever trade business - things stay the way they are......


In my eyes Falcons needs are most apparent at LT and at NT. I recognise a Safety a CB and a C are also big needs but feel TE and RB and WR less so this year. The latter 2 positions can be sorted in the 7th and in UDFA. QB is another spot I would like to upgrade as Redman is getting long in the tooth and JPW seems to be mere decoration.

I believe that DC Nolan will sort the pass rush out that will in turn help the CB's and thereforeoverall Secondary situation. We have the talent there and therefore I am not too worried about adding too many new faces. Nose tackle seems to be a good choice and there are options early.

O line is a bit of a shocker. Pat Hill has the biggest job on his hands and OC Koetter may help some with his new schemes but still I feel this is the worst of the Falcons' playing departments.

The Draft

2nd Rnd = BPA @ this early stage there will be some stud names available. Pick 1 from this list Brooks OG, Osemele OG/T/C, Silatolu OG, Hosley CB, Boykin CB and Thompson NT.

1 or 2 of these will be there (Fleener TE & Curry DE probably not)

3rd Rnd = Alameda Ta'amu Washington DT- Makes sacks a lot, is agile, but has anchoring question marks.

5th Rnd = Nate Potter Boise LT - Is the best fit for LT but isn't physically strong enough or quite as heavy enough. Stellar technique and measurables though and has no character concerns.

6th Rnd = Quentin Saulsberry Miss C/G/T - He is versatile determined big and quality.

7th Rnd = Sean Richardson Vanderbilt SS - Here is a project Safety that may even get some starts. Intelligent man too.

7th Rnd Comp = Case Keenum Houston QB - is a passing machine, maybe well suited to Koetters' brave new world! Would be a good rival to JPW in camp even Redman for that matter.

UDFA = Purvis RB/PR/KR UNLV Quick guy who can catch a bit too.

Peeples RB/KR/PR G-tech ditto Purvis

McCants HB/FB/RB Oregon some speed and blocking abilities

Harris OT Fresno Pat Hills latest protege LT with high intelligence/character

Singletary HB/FB/DE Cal Poly Mike Singletary's son

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Thank you gentlemen.

HJerry you're right that a lack of decisiveness doesn't cut it so say I took Boykin there that would be a very rounded draft.

JBrinson - I am not that keen on selecting a TE this year. People think a year under Tony is like being touched by God. I don't think that is so. Palmer has now had 3 yrs under Tony and I feel and hope that either one or both of Gallarda who was a red zone demon @ college and former DE Winterswyk would both be able to step up some this season. NEXT Season let us draft the best TE possible with our 1st rnd or at least 2nd rnd if the TE talent pool is deep. Obviously if Fleener fell to #55 then he would be worth snagging!

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TE is the big sucker pick this year. This group is below average. Charles might turn into Vernon Davis in the NFL but he was a huge disappointment for us UGA fans honestly. I would have expected a guy who has been catching passes from his QB for 5+ years to not drop every other pass that came his way. The other guys show me nothing to make me think any of them could become a worthy 2nd or 3rd round pick as well. Too many people falling in love with Gronk and Graham but don't realize they aren't the norm, they are exceptional players and showed serious glimpses of that in college.

I just don't see it with this group this year, if we wanted a young TE we missed the boat a couple of years ago.

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2nd Rnd = BPA @ this early stage there will be some stud names available. Pick 1 from this list Brooks OG, Osemele OG/T/C, Silatolu OG, Hosley CB, Boykin CB and Thompson NT.

Highly doubt Boykin will be BPA at this point. I dont think hes that good. Just my honest opinion.

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