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Redskins Free Agency Grades And Expectations In 2012


How many games will the Redskins win in 2012?  

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  1. 1. How many games will the Redskins win in 2012?

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The Redskins made a couple of Free Agency moves, especially focused on Wide Receivers. And the draft appears it will yield RG3 at QB. It's possible the Redskins could land 2 impact players in the draft.

And let's not forget they added Radio to the defensive coaching staff.

So will they win in 2012?

Walter Football free agency grades below >>>

Redskins sign CB Cedric Griffin (1 year, $2.5 million): B+ Grade

This signing happened several days ago, but I forgot to post a grade for it. Cedric Griffin is a major injury risk, but the Redskins aren't really putting that much on the line with this 1-year deal. If Griffin can actually stay healthy, he'll effectively fill Washington's cornerback depth (or safety) need. If not, the Redskins can just cut him with no reprecussions.

Redskins sign S Brandon Meriweather (2 years, $6 million): C Grade

The Redskins aren't paying much for the pedestrian Brandon Meriweather, but I'm giving them a bad grade because it appears as though he'll be one of their starting safeties next year. If so, Eli Manning, Tony Romo and Philadelphia's quarterback will easily torch their secondary.

Redskins sign WR Pierre Garcon (5 years, $42.5M; $21M guaranteed): C- Grade

Pierre Garcon is a No. 1 receiver. What, you don't believe me? Then why, I ask, did he get $42.5 million with $21 million guaranteed? Oh yeah, I forgot who signed him for a second.

What the **** are the Redskins doing? Garcon is not a No. 1 wideout. He won't be able to beat double coverage, he drops way too many passes, and he runs poor routes. I'm not giving this an F because I love the Robert Griffin-Garcon fit. Griffin has impeccable deep accuracy, and Garcon will be the recipient of some long bombs. However, Washington really overpaid for a secondary receiver.

Redskins sign WR Josh Morgan (5 years, $12M; $7.5M guaranteed): D Grade

This contract may not seem like much, but it's really a 2-year deal because the rest of the contract is voidable. With that in mind, the Redskins overpaid for another mediocre receiver. I don't know why they needed Josh Morgan; Leonard Hankerson is talented and could easily beat out Morgan for a starting job. Washington is spending its money pretty frivolously and foolishly considering the major cap penalty it incurred recently. No one should be surprised that Daniel Snyder is doing this though.

Redskins re-sign DE/DT Adam Carriker (4 years, $20M; $7M guaranteed): D Grade

Umm... what? Adam Carriker is not a starting-caliber defensive lineman, yet the Redskins have decided to pay him like one for some strange reason. Carriker can get to the quarterback on occasion, but he's a major liability against the run. Given Washington's recent massive cap penalty, I can't understand why it would spend so much money on a lineman who is just a rotational player at best.

Redskins acquire No. 2 overall pick from Rams for No. 6 pick, two future first-rounders, future second-rounder

I don't usually like to say this, but this is a GREAT trade for both teams. The Redskins will finally have a franchise quarterback for the first time since Joe Theismann. Robert Griffin will be a stud, and he's well worth this price. Washington is now relevant again, and every NFC East team should be scared.

As for the Rams, they got what they should have received. Three firsts and a second, despite what the Browns may think, is the right price for a franchise quarterback. St. Louis will presumably pick Justin Blackmon, Riley Reiff or Morris Claiborne at No. 6.

Speaking of Cleveland, doesn't it seem comical that it didn't want to part with the No. 22 overall selection for Griffin? That sort of thinking is why the Browns haven't been in the playoffs since the 2002 campaign.

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Sorry to any skin fans, i dont wanna hate. But thats a tough group of teams to play. The Eagles if they get it together are one of the most dangerous teams that did not make the playoffs.

The giants, well nuff said. Superbowl champs.

the cowboys, almost made it to the playoffs only to lose that spot to the Giants. I know the skins took the Giants last season, but this is a radical change for the skins if they get RG 3 and could see a panthers type of look. Get really hot, but just cant put games away and get that check in the win box.

I could be wrong and its just a off the wall prediction. But those are some tough teams and Romo might be on his last chance to get a playoff win. Vick isnt getting younger and the Eagles should be tough, i never count Reid out.

Then they come to the South to play and we got a tough set of teams as well. Its just to much for the skins to make a major impact vs such hard teams. Wrong place and wrong time.

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I think the Redskins improve immensely, though this eval of free agency seems fair.

Just the commitment to 1 QB is going to improve this team.

I really think Philly is the beast of the east this year, but the Skins play well in their division and can chase 8-9 wins despite their bad judgement again in free agency.

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