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Mortensen Thinks Matt Ryan Is Next In Line To Become Elite


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i tend to agree as well. Put in the right system & with a good o-line he could really step into the "elite class." Suprisingly mr. know it all, trent dilfer said Andy Dalton and Jay Cutler were next as well, which i definately dont agree with. Andy Dalton maybe later but definitely not this early.

Either way now that hes in a new "stretch the field" type offense, i think we could really see a whole different player this year. If he works on his arm strength and a couple other basic skills, all you ryan haters will bite your tongue and wish you never said anything.

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Guest Gritz

Was this on tv or an article or...? Just curious.

No answer yet....In the meantime I would suggest you grab some popcorn and watch the usual suspects insult each other.

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Is there an article where Mort says this or did you hear him saying it on some program?

Give us the 411 Mr. Jay.

lol i just walked past my tv and saw them talking about matt ryan on espn. ill try and find it tho if i can

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