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i dont have a link but ill type what was said about the Falcons.

"There are concerns around Atlanta that QB matt Ryan still hasnt taken the step forward that the organization is expecting. The real question, however, is wether that has more to do with Ryan or the offensive line.

Despite having WR Roddy White and trading away a plethora of picks for Julio Jones last year, the Falcons finished just 13th in passing plays over 20 yards. The number of sacks allowed (just 26) wasnt bad, but Ryan hurried often and ended up throwing short far too often. At times, the Falcons seemed confused about their own offensive identy.

Regardless of how it decides to split up the run and pass, Atlanta needs better offensive tackles and another center immediately. The combination of RB Michael Turner and this offensive line just isnt working as well as it should be in the running game.

The Falcons have drafted a defensive end in four of the past five years but are still looking for pass rush help after finishing 19th in sacks. With Dunta Robinson failing to play up to the contract he signed in 2010, the Falcons could be searching for cornerback depth in the middle rounds and may spend a couple picks on the position.."

Despite all the draft picks spent on DEs in the past five years, the Falcons pass-rush hasnt ranked better than 19th since 2008.


DE Cam johnson Virginia

Johnson has the type of athleticism off the edge that the Falcons look for in their pass rush while offering more run-stopping support.

T Zebrie Sanders Flordia State

A little disappointing at tiem this year, Sanders has many of the physical tools that Sam Baker lacks at left tackle, making him a potential target round 2.

T Brandon Mosley Auburn

With good lenght and solid core strenght, Mosley tested well at the Combine and could compete for the starting spot on the right side.

DE Tyrone Crawford Boise State

defensive coordinator mike Nolan might transition to some 3-4 looks, and Crawford would be a great pick in the third round, as he fits well in multiple schemes.

courtesy of NFL the Magazines draft expert Lance Zierlein

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It's hard to take a step forward when you have Joe Hawley and Sam Baker on your OL.

Don't let Reynolds get off. I think Hawley gets unfair blame due to playing out of position and next to trash when he was in his position.

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I've been putting the blame on the O line since the Chicago game this year. Ryan was almost killed. Reynolds is terrible, barely a backup player. Baker was average at best when completely healthy now they are just clinging on to him in hopes he has recovered enough to maybe bide them another year along with Stivek until they can draft a LT next year. Clabo has been overrated for so long, and I'm convinced the only reason he was signed over Dahl is because they thought they had more suitable prospects behind Dahl than Clabo.

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