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Where Do You Come Down On The Politicians And "celebs" Wearing Hoodies

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I think hoodies have a purpose, and that is to protect your head from weather, which includes shielding snow and rain, or keeping your ears and head warm. I do not see any other reason to wear a hoodie. I have several hoodies, but I rarely have the hood up. I think some people do wear hoodies to hide their face because they are trying to be shady, and there are always those punks who do it because they think it's "gangsta".

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I think a few are probably sincere and do not know how else to show support, but I think most are simply grandstanding and attention whoring. Nothing to back that up, just an opinion. Agree or disagree?


Mostly agree.

On one hand it does bring attention to the stupidity of associating a hoodie with criminal behavior (I'm an old white guy and sometimes wear a hoodie when it's cold and windy outside--last time I checked, I had no criminal intent or record.)

On the other hand, many of the celeb-u-tards, race hustlers and political hacks sporting a hoodie for a 6:00 News 'sound bite' appear to be seeking attention for themselves and pandering to one side or the other.

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Thanks ATLBear, I needed that one!

To answer OP's question: I don't care in the least about celebs or politicians wearing hoodies. It has zero impact on my life...

Exactly, it's going to come off as severely contrived anyway so it loses any impact it has outside of the fanatics that are looking for something to get excited/angry about.

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