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Pfw Audibles - What The Scouts Are Saying - Defensive End


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PFW Audibles - what the scouts are saying - Defensive End

  • "(Syracuse's) Chandler Jones has long, loping movement skills. He is not a finished product by any means. He is big and good-looking. He will be OK when all is said and done. I have him in the third (round)."
  • "(Arkansas') Jake Bequette plays like (Vikings DE) Jared Allen. His hand use is not good, and he has short arms - that restricts him. I put him in the fifth(round). He will probably go higher because he runs fast and coaches will get enamored with him."
  • "(Nebraska's) Jared Crick is not a dominant player, but he will be a coach's dream with how hard he plays. Even with the injury, I don't think he will slide far."
  • "(South Carolina's) Melvin Ingram could play a lot of positions. It's just what you want him to do. He's athletic enough to even stand up."
  • (North Carolina's) Donte Paige-Moss said he was going to be three-and-done when he goth there. He was not going to class. He was (difficult to coach). He won't get drafted, especially with the (season-ending ACL injury)."

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I think they're really underrating Jones, Bequette and Crick. They're all worth a second. Crick's best position is 4-3 DT/3-4 DE imo, I think that's where his value will be.

you have to remember - these are anonymous quotes from NFL scouts - and supposedly multiple sources - so comments above - could or could not - be coming from different scouts.

these are not PFW's writer comments.

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