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Nfl Schedule Release Show


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Will be Tuesday, April 17th at 7pm for any of you who have season tickets like me and want to see what the tailgating situation is going to look like! I know it's crazy that the NFL has televised shows for everything, but man I still look forward to this anyway.

I know this by going to TVguide.com and looking at TV listings; ESPN has "Sportscenter Special: NFL Schedule Release" as playing during this time.

Let's go prime time games.

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You live in GA don't you? I don't. Everything at 1 means watching glitchy feeds online.

There's a number of out-of-town solutions.

To me, 1PM makes it easier to enjoy the experience. I can tailgate early, enjoy the game and be home before 2342342:00 o'clock, sober up (before Monday) and maybe even enjoy the Sunday Night game on NBC.

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Where do you watch it online? I end up paying 300$ for Sunday ticket






and there are hundreds of more sites that televise the streams for free. It's illegal on their part to upload the streams, so they do get shut down time to time due to copyright claims. I watched all of the Falcons games through these sites last season (except primetime games of course) and I have been watching the Hawks games all season so far. Sometimes you wonderful HD streams and other times you get 8 bit pixel Nintendo graphics.

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