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Is Td Considering Going For Ingram?


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Not saying I like this scenario but just throwing it out there because I couldn't see why else we would work out a top 15 player.

No one expected TD to trade up for Jones last year, we first heard rumors about a week before the draft someone was trying to trade up big. We scouted players last year as if we were not trading, and have done the same this year. They have also been keeping silent like last year on everything they are doing. We are finding out after the fact that they talked to or pursued certain FA's or draftees, there normal MO. Did we also scout Ingram because TD is considering another big trade up if he gets a willing partner?

Ingram is expected to go anywhere from High singles-mid teens. We have a major connection with the Jags, who are picking 7th. Unlike last year, we can trade players. Mularkey/Brat is familiar with our players. Jags still have 17+ million in cap space. Jags have multiple needs, including DE, LB, CB, a #1 WR.

With all the big name FA CB's having signed, why is Grimes not signed? We can't even sign our draft picks until we clear more space. Are we low balling him while we see what his market is in trade? Why else is it not done yet? It is hurting our ability to do other things.

I think the following is being considered in some form:

Falcons get pick #7 this year to draft Ingram. Trade Grimes to clear cap, sign Mcneil, depth at other spots.

Jags get #55, next years 1st or 2nd, Grimes, Sidbury, and Dent.

I could see them thinking by using man coverage Grimes is expendable and Owens or Franks is ready to start. They are still drafting a nickel somewhere. Dent is expendable if Lofa is back to form, plus in a 3-4, it seems Spoon would play the other ILB. With a new stud DE and more 3-4, Sidbury wouldn't be used much. Just a thought I wanted to share, I don't want to give up future picks though.

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