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My Mock Draft ... What You Think

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2nd Brandon Brooks OG



Brooks is a versatile offensive lineman with a lot of experience and possesses top notch leadership qualities.

Competition in the Mid American Conference did not live up to expectations but that didn't stop Brooks from being one of the more impressive players at that level. He moves very well once he gets moving. As a run blocker, he performs best as a zone blocker. He's not really the type to drive forward and just dominate another player. Brooks takes good angles to the second level and has a natural bend. Despite a lack of lateral quickness, he doesn't have many 'bad' steps where he is wasting motion or inactive.

Brooks could afford to use his hands better as a pass blocker. He needs his hands to stay active and engage since he doesn't have the brute strength to impose his will, per se. He has a very good motor and mean streak. Brooks could also afford to shed a few pounds and improve upon his conditioning, not because he takes plays off but simply because, as mentioned, he's a bit overweight.

3rd Josh Norman CB




Josh Norman had a great East-West Shrine Bowl, which also gave him a spot in the Senior Bowl. Scouts and GMs obviously liked what they saw and wanted to see him do it again.

Norman has a great feel for the game and displays a great ability to make plays on the ball. In zone coverage, he reads and reacts quickly and decisively with a natural burst. His hips are loose and fluid in his drop and when he turns to run downfield.

In press coverage, he really shines. Shows a great physicality and mixes it up well to re-route the runner. At times, he can be overly aggressive (whether it is leaning forward in his press or taking an early jump on the ball), but DB coaches want to see a certain fearlessness to make the plays that are asked of them. He's a solid tackler and breaks down well to finish the play.

For now, Norman has likely solidified himself as an early Day 3 selection, but has to continue his performances into the combine. There also some character concerns which he'll need to address when coaches speak to him, but at this point (given his size, physicality and ball skills) he shouldn't slip too far past the third round.

Norman has tremendous instincts…he jumps routes with surprising efficiency…he has tons of athletic ability and is able to close quickly…his hips are loose which allow him to stay with WR’s out of their breaks…has nice ball skills and goes after each pass like they were thrown to him and not the WR…is physical in press coverage and shows great technique in his hand placement…really causes the WR to redirect his route and ruins any timing…had an excellent week of practice at the Shrine Game.

5th Marvin Jones WR



40: 4.46 Bench: 22 Reps Vert: 33″ Broad: 9’4″ 3-Cone: 6.81

Good height for receiver – Runs consistent crisp routes – Short quick steps at the line of scrimmage to separate from press coverage – Strong, soft hands, ball doesn’t budge in huge 10” hands – Catches the ball away from his body and uses full reach – Not afraid to go up for the ball, shows good hops – Has good field awareness near the sideline – Elusive after the catch – Legit 4.4 speed – Good, but not great punt return skills – Shows good acceleration in routes and after the catch – Intelligent on and off field – Uses exaggerated movements in routes to try to throw off opposing defenders – Has experience in pro style offense and in running option routes.

6th James Hanna TE

Hanna is a thick tight end who is much more of a crafty receiving threat than he is a blocker, and has been consistent throughout his two years as a starter at Oklahoma. He is a good catcher and can adjust well to poorly thrown balls, even with a man draped over him. Hanna is a straight-line runner who isn't very good at maneuvering in his routes, but his speed is deceptive and he just possesses the "it" factor when it comes to making a catch at the top of his routes. He is a limited prospect who could be taken in the late rounds of the draft, but he will come in, compete and potentially make a team based off his willingness to play special teams and skills as a pass-catching tight end. He only had two catches for 18 yards against Iowa in the Insight Bowl, which wasn't far off his average and about what type of player he is: reliable to make a few tough catches, but not going to have any sort of "Rob Gronkowski-type production" from the position anytime soon.

Hanna can catch the ball when it is thrown in his area. He is athletic, and can maneuver his body at full speed to reach around or over a defender to make a catch. He is an aware player who is reliable to pick up a first town. He has a tight torso and can spin around to make a catch, then turn, run and roll over safeties. He understands how to run good routes. Actually running them at the next level will be a different story, however.

7th Keith Tandy CB



A bone crushing hitter who can scare receivers like a fierce middle linebacker... Not elite height, but great build, nicely filled out... Great tackler on defense and special teams... A poor man's Dre Kirkpatrick, a corner who is solid in coverage and an excellent tackler... Raw coverage ability that can be improved with coaching at the next level... Good instincts on when to break to the ball... Has fluid hips and good recovery speed... Enjoys getting physical with receivers and making catches difficult... Possesses good upside and the versatile ability to play multiple positions... Has similar qualities to Kevin Barnes (third round pick of the Washington Redskins in 2009), good physical nature but needs to develop in coverage... Worth a day three pick as a contributor on special teams and a developmental corner.

7th Markus Kuhn DT

Kuhn came to NC State as a 21 year old Freshman in 2007, and had some production before a shoulder injury caused a med-shirt year in 2009. Kuhn has been part of the DT rotation for the past two years. Stats were 33 tackles, 4.5 TFLs, 2 sacks, and 3 pass defensed in 2007, 20/3/2/1 in 2008, 17/1.5/0/1 in 2010, and 45/9.5/4.5/3 during a strong final campaign in 2011.

Kuhn's greatest asset is power, which comes from a compact stance, good quickness off the snap, and initial low surge led by powerful hands at the end of long muscular arms. Kuhn consistently overpowered interior offensive linemen and got penetration. Kuhn is a bit high hipped, and has trouble changing directions.

As an NFL Draft prospect, Kuhn could fit inside in a 4-3 or outside in a 3-4. Best fit would appear to be DT in 4-3 similar to NYG scheme where DTs are expected to push the pocket and bat down passes, areas where Kuhn excels. Upside appears limited by hip issue, and lack of additional moves beyond basic power. Kuhn may never be more than a rotational DL at the next level.

Very strong with long arms and powerful hands. Has a tremendously powerful bull rush. Mostly quick off the snap. Excels at holding the point, even against double teams, and collapsing the pocket. Gets hands up and bats passes.

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I am not sure we need another guard presently LT seems to be the most poignant need going forward. You choose 2 CB's when we have Robinson and Grimes that would seem to be a bit much too unless you feel both are now expensive and that we will be trading or cutting both soon (not inconceivable)!

The rest looks good. Well done.

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im in the minority of thinking we do not need a big upgrade at RG, nor another player added to the crowded mix, but i do like Brooks a lot. love the Norman & Hanna picks. overall i would be pleased with this if the FO decided to go that route in rd2.

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RG is a need but not until next year or whenever Manuwai's contract expires

We had a RT and a C starting at RG last year (Reynolds/Hawley) with Johnson sitting on the IR

People are over looking the addition of Manuwai, he is a solid veteran that can stay healthy and provide the nastiness we had with Dahl

While it may be smart to look for a RG of the future in this draft to replace Manuwai later, probably not with our first few picks, esspically since we are down 2 this year

Our Oline is set this year with Blalock, McClure, Manuwai and Clabo...leaving out LT

I hope Baker can turn it around and Svitek is decent, but there are not many LTs that can start in the draft before pick 55, which leaves what is left of FA or go with what we have and develop someone else

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