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First Mike Vick, Then Sean Payton, Then Petrino


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Are you going to say Vick is successful since being an Eagle? Knocked out by the Packers in the wild card game, missed the playoffs the year after. Sean Peyton gets caught for bounties, gets an acl tear. The point is not that the Falcons caused this, but you don't see these things happen to other coaches or players. Yes it may happen but really rare. Such as Petrino getting caught in a affair with a 25 year old hag and getting his face murdered for it.

Depends on what you call success...getting 100 million of a pro bowl year and pretty much back in the same position as he was here (hot comodity across the nation. spotlight, ect) before prison I'd say that's successful.

Sean is dirty but he'll sit his year out and be back coaching and everything will blow over in time. Gregg is the one that needs to really worry

Petrino is the only one out of the three that may have ruined himself after coming into this season having a top 10 team and a legit shot at winning the West.

And again none of the things that has happened to those three were not the result of something this organization has done.

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You never know.... Blank could have found some of those voodoo guys that the Saints went to when they sold their soul for the Superbowl.


Nah I don't think he would go that route. He seems like an old mob boss anyways so he might of had his goons set them up.

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The horns from who? This organization hasn't did anything to those three.

Vick's still on a playoff contender

Petrino built a top 10 team

Peyton will be gone but the Saints are still the front runners in the division

Stop acting like a female.

With the Nolan signing, I think we would have jumped ahead of the Saints with Sean Payton or not.

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