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2012 Speculative Offseason 2.0


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I’ve made some revisions based on feedback and added some guys I’ve really started to like. Let me know what you think.

This is my next offseason, and quite possibly the last one I will make before the draft. It isn’t crazy, per say, but it’s certainly speculative as it contains some trades. However, I do think that these are trades that are at least within the realms of reason. For example, Grimes has not inked, and we are looking heavily at cornerbacks, so speculation opens the door for trade possibilities. As with the others, I am NOT saying I want this to happen, but merely that it might be interesting if it did. I’m not going to include the already signed FAs into the offseason since they would already be assumed. So, without further ado, let’s start getting speculative, I guess?

Probably not resigned: Mike Peterson, Reggie Kelly, Kirk Chambers, Brett Romberg It is certainly possible for some of these to return (We didn’t think we’d be signing Romberg last year till the last minute), but honestly, I don’t really see it happening.

Cut: Mike CoxThis will depend on a later decision.


Brent Grimes (franchised) for an early 2012 2nd round pick- This scenario assumes that someone like Devon Still falls to early 2nd round, allowing us to make a trade that, as stated above, might at least be being considered. I’ve also considered the option of trading for a 1st by adding in our 2013 3rd or 4th.

John Parker Wilson for the Vikings 7th round pick – They wanted him during the season so it isn’t implausible that they’d give us essentially a throw-away pick for him.

2012 Dream Draft

2nd: Devon StillIt satisfies the need for a 3-4 nose, which we are clearly looking for, and gives us some push up the middle.

2nd: Chris Polk RB - Accomplishestwo things: Gives us a future after to replace Turner, and two allows for something else later in this offseason. I love this player, as you might surmise from my other drafts and think he will be great in the NFL, and immediately compete for, but not win, a starting spot.

3rd: TradedWe give this pick to a team wanting to trade up in exchange for their 4th and 6th.

4th: From Trade: Taylor Thompson TE SMU He is a really interesting prospect who I have started to like. He played WR in High school, then DE in college. He’s 6-6, runs a 4.56 40, and has a 37 vertical.

5th: Trade: Essentially, we do the same thing we did for Quizz last year, give up our original 7th to move higher in the 5th to snag him.

Chris Greenwood CB AlbionI’ve just fell in love with him as a player lately. He’s got the size of Stephen Gilmore, but is much faster. He played in division III so he might need some coaching, but I think he’ll be something really special, especially with Nolan coaching him.

6th: From Trade: Brandon Hardin S Oregon St.Would have been much higher if we hadn’t injured his shoulder before the season. He has experience at all DB positions so we would be useful. He is also fast and very strong. He was a gunner on special teams so he would help to replace Weems.

6th: Austin Davis QB So. Miss.Or some other QB. We need a backup and are apparently interested in him. It’d be crazy if he somehow turned out to another Farve (doubt it).

7th: Vikings – Braylon Broughton LB TCUHe’s very large at 6 4 255, but still ran a 4.5 40. He’s at least worth a 7th.

7th: Cordarro Law DE So. Miss. He’s kind of a DE/OLB tweener, but has a great motor. He might very well go undrafted but this locks him up for us deapth at little cost.

UFA: Neiko Thorpe, FS, Auburn, Josh Chichester, TE, Louisville, Al Netter, OT, Northwestern, Justin Anderson, OT/G, Georgia, Darell Scott, RB, So. Fl, David Paulson TE Oregon, James Rodgers WR Oregon St.

Restructures: Michael Turner, Ovie MughelliHaving Polk and Rodgers for Turner, and Cox and Snelling for Mughelli, gives us the leverage to alter their deals some so they can remain on the team. Both are signed to 1yr, 1mil extensions, and in exchange have their 2012 salaries guaranteed. Turner moves 2mil from 2012 and 2013 to 2014, adjusting his cap hits to 5, 5.5, and 5. Mughelli moves 1.5mil to 2013, adjusting his cap hits to 2 and 2.5. The two moves gives us an additional 3.5mil in cap space, which together with the Grimes trade, gives us 15.7mil in cap space.

FA: Marcus McneilThe loss of Grimes gives us the cap space to sign him, nothing too exorbitant much certainly worth the risk.

I’m still using mostly NFLDRAFTSCOUT and Walterfootball for my stock rankings.

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Is a well busy menu there. I like some of the picks but I would test yourself, for the **** of it, by taking exactly what we have and seeing what you can get without any trades.

I am unsure some of the UDFA's would fall that low however that is more to do with source material......

Lots of fun and some hard work put in man Congrats!!

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