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Have The Falcons Talked To Ss Harrison Smith At All?


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I think if the Falcons are going to use the "Big Nickel" He would be a great pick. My problem is I have not heard one word of the Falcons showing any interest in him at all.

I know the Falcons do not want to let the cat out of the bag so to speak, but I think we would have heard something.

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#3-068 SS Harrison Smith. I think Smith is one of the for sure can't miss players. OT Bobbie Massie 6-6, 310 Miss...if we don't pick up a FA or count on the guys we have .

#3-086 DE Jake Bequette 6-5, 270 Ark....This guy reminds me of Brooks last year that I wanted so bad and I'm hoping he don't fly up to high for this pick. Just watch the film with him. I think he could be a 3rd round steal.

#4-100 TE Michael Egnew 6-5, 236, Miss....This guy is a very very good reciever and had a BJ of 10'11" , He is very good in traffic and can catch the ball with people hanging on his side and in his face. I like him better than Green even thou he will go first.

5th rd. RB/WR/KR/PR Chris Rainey, 5-9, 178, 4.40 Fla.....I want a speed elusive return man who can also be used in the run game as well. You can't tackle what you can't catch. That could help us win a few more games. He had by far the best 60 yd shuddle. That specks volumes.

6th rd. OLB Darius Fleming 6-2, 250 ND....Best deal at this point, Great player with highcharacter and production. Again tape him. projected to go in the 5th or 6th, I'm shocked but glad he is there. W need to always be grooming a good OLB .

7th rd. DT Markus Kuhn 6-5, 298. NCS..... I think this guy could be the steal of the draft, I pick best player available in a position of need. Very strong and athletic for his size. He's only here BC DT is the strongest position in this years draft. Also really like Baptiste but will go higher.

7th rd. OG Jeremiah Warren 6-3, 330 S. Fla,....Stout with big hands and enormous wing span, Could be full time starter within a year IMO.

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