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No! No More Trading Up!


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I saw the post about the Cleson duo. While they are nice players, neither is worth trading up for at this point. We have limited resources as it is. Julio was a clear difference maker, whether we agree on the trade or not. These two are not, or at least imo. If either is there when we pick...by all means take'em. If not, take the best defensive player available, hopefully that will be a front 7 player. I like the big Samoan DT, puts me in the mind set of Paul Solia (sp) from the Dolphins. Once we land that center piece it will be easier to convert to a 3-4, which I hope we do. We dont have the DL for that yet but we do have the LB for it. I think Sid and Beer would prosper standing up as rush OLBs in a 3-4. Im not sure how Spoon would fit in but he is good enough to adjust to any scheme.

I also am against reaching for a LT in the 2nd round, that position is very important and this year we dont have a shot at one. We didnt sign a FA so lets roll with whom we have. Get them coached up and let them compete. Maybe 2013 we have to take a LT, in which case that would be trading up for if we had to. I expect us to be picking in the late 20's (hopefully 32) lol.

Obviously our coaches like what we have based on our off season moves and lack there of, so it makes no sense to trade up unless we have a clear shot a a STUD. Also I dont want us reaching for Lt with that first pick. I would rather us take a RB than a LT to be honest....but we will see.

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