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Nfl Draft Mock For The Falcons

KJW 23

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Round 2, Pick 23 (55)



Fleming lines up in the boundary for Oklahoma and has a great combination of size, speed and technique that makes him a premier prospect at corner. His speed and athletic ability allow him to recover quickly off the line of scrimmage. He can get caught looking at the quarterback at times, but he usually can stay with receivers in man coverage. He is a physical and explosive athlete who can jam receivers and bring down running backs with ease. Fleming has played at a high level for the past four years and projects to start early at the next level as a second-round selection.


STRENGTHS Fleming is superb in man coverage. He is reliable on an island and can stay with any receiver in the Big 12. He is not technically sound, but his back pedal and hips are naturally fluid. He can backpedal for an uncommonly long amount of time, even by NFL standards, which allows him to stay on top of receivers and plant, driv, and react to plays. He has the speed to catch up to receivers if beat and the ability to run down plays from the backside or provide help in zone. He makes the play every time as a tackler, and he can drive through his hips to deliver a blow to a ball carrier. When the ball is in the air he has the body control to turn and make a play on it. He is thick for the corner position and it is apparent that he understands his role in the run game. He is a prototypical athlete for the position.

WEAKNESSES Fleming is not technically sound, and it hasn't hurt him up to this point. At the next level, he will need to work on his technique when using his hands and feet to jam receivers and turn at the line of scrimmage. He can be undisciplined in various aspects of his play, but it usually hurts him more in zone coverage than it does in man, where he is a natural cover corner.

Round 3, Pick 21 (84)



Lindley is an athletic signal caller from San Diego State who has first-round talent when assessing simply his arm strength. The strongest senior thrower in this year's draft, Lindley can make cross-field deep out throws with ease. He is athletic in his pass set and does a good job surveying the field for his second and third reads. His problems have surrounded his judgment at times in games, where can rely too heavily on his "gun slinger" mentality and get into trouble with interceptions and poorly placed balls. On his size and arm strength alone, Lindley should be selected in the late third round to a team looking to use him as a developmental project behind a currently stable quarterback situation.


STRENGTHS Lindley has a very lively arm and can drive the ball from anywhere on the field off his back foot. When he is having a good game, Lindley can thread the needle and put the ball on a receiver in stride 65 yards down the field. He is athletic in his pass set and is good to extend plays and fend off would-be rushers. Lindley is a developmental talent who has value to teams who are willing to be patient with him. He could develop into a starter based off his size and arm strength.

WEAKNESSES Lindley has been inaccurate at times and will take some time to develop at the next level. He will throw an NFL pass one play, and then come back to make a bad decision and put his team in trouble. He is athletic but can be a slow mover and take sacks from holding on to the ball too long. Most of his issues stem from his inconsistency throwing the ball in intermediate and deep routes.

Round 5, Pick 22 (157)



Coale has been a starter for four consecutive years at receiver for the Hokies. He has thickness and balance for the position which serves him well when working out of the slot. He is a savvy player who has explosion in short areas to get open in zones, and gets production by making one player miss and getting upfield. He has the skill set to succeed at the next level and stands to be a fifth-round pick to a team looking for receiver depth and the type of mature player who can step in and play right away.


STRENGTHS Coale understands how to be a possession receiver and work across the field to gain separation when working against man or zone. He is quick with his feet both off the line of scrimmage and in his routes to gain a step to get open, and understands how to throttle his routes down when working against zone coverage. He is the type of heady player who could play right away at the next level. While he will be productive underneath, he has the speed to stretch the field and runs routes that will get him open and gain yardage at the next level. He is physical and not afraid to go across the middle.

WEAKNESSES Coale can struggle against bigger corners if he doesn't separate immediately off the line. He also is limited with the ball in his hands after the catch, and generally just tries what he can. He isn't a reliable blocker outside and struggles to sustain and stay in front of his man when working in the run game. He will be serviceable, but likely a non-explosive player at the next level.

Round 6, Pick 22 (192)



Roy is an extremely uncommon interior lineman given the history of his position switches at Nevada. He came in as a slower safety, moved to linebacker, and soon moved to defensive end. The last two years of his career he had bulked up and moved inside to DT. He was a quick inside rusher who was among the nation's leaders in tackles for loss in 2011. It is highly unlikely that he will play inside at the next level given that he has maxed out his weight and is still undersized, but Roy could move out to DE and be intriguing to teams who run a 3-4 scheme.


STRENGTHS Roy is a high-motor player who is effective using his crafty pass-rush moves to get in the backfield and disrupt plays. He shows great effort to chase down plays across the field. Off the snap, he gets into lineman quickly and can sometimes slip through to penetrate immediately into the backfield. He is consistently in the backfield disrupting plays. His instincts allow him to read blocks and get to the ball carrier before he reaches the line of scrimmage. Once there, he is an explosive tackler.

WEAKNESSES Roy could be seen two ways: a player who is versatile and effective anywhere along the front seven, or a prospect who is undersized to play inside but too big and slow to play outside. This could end up hurting him, the fact that he has moved from safety all the way inside to DT, as some teams could see that as a sign that he doesn't perform outstanding at any one position. Once he finds a home at defensive end, he will have to figure out a way to get off blocks when getting doubled without getting washed, which happened a lot in 2011.

Round 7, Pick 22 (229)



Nielsen is a big, fast outside linebacker and has shown a lot of NFL-ready traits throughout his time at Iowa. He relies heavily on his speed to make plays in the run game both inside and out, but his athletic ability doesn't translate to cover skills, where he struggles covering in man or making plays on the ball. He is an average blitzer, but has late-round value to a team looking for a tacking machine inside or out.


STRENGTHS Nielsen is very fast, and he diagnoses run plays quickly. He is good to read offensive line tendencies and reach accordingly, and he has the speed to get outside and pursue players on the edge. He uses his hands well to sift through trash on the second level and is very savvy/aware to keep himself free to get tackle production. He is very urgent to get to the ball and reliable to make a tackle once there.

WEAKNESSES Nielsen does not have great athletic ability in space and struggles to cover in both man and zone. He shouldn't be relied on heavily to make plays in man coverage at the next level, as he has poor technique and opens his hips immediately to give players a free release into their route. He is OK defending the run inside, but can get overpowered by bigger blockers or runners.

Round 7, Pick 42 (249) (Compensatory selection)



Stupar started sparingly throughout his career at Penn State but was active and productive when he did get playing time. He emerged as one of the leaders on a strong PSU defense in 2011. Like many PSU linebacker alums, Stupar is a competitive, technically sound player who should be able to contribute in some capacity for an NFL team early on. He will be a strong special teams candidate and could push to make a roster as a backup.


STRENGTHS Stupar has a high football IQ that is evident pre-snap and all the way through run plays. He can diagnose plays early and fill his gap with good overall athleticism. He has deceptive speed and can meet ball carriers at the edge. He has extensive special teams work which will cater to him being successful early on in the NFL. He comes from an NFL pedigree and wouldn't look out of place in an NFL locker room this year. He has value as a pass rusher and can work within a zone scheme to defend against the pass.

WEAKNESSES Stupar is undersized for the OLB position and can get engulfed by linemen at the second level and stonewalled at the point of attack. He will have a difficult time shedding blocks in the NFL and has limited starting experience at the position. He has a tendency to over-pursue, and at times can take poor angles to the ball. Stupar still looked like he was adapting to the position in his senior year.




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Don't understand taking a quarterback in the 3rd. We need someone that can impact ASAP. Perhaps OT or DT.

Jolly, Kyle 67 T 6-6 300 24 1 North Carolina


Peters, Corey 91 DT 6-3 295 23 2 Kentucky

Powell, Carlton 97 DT 6-2 312 26 4 Virginia Tech

Walker, Vance 99 DT 6-2 307 24 3 Georgia Tech

Chambers, Kirk 73 OT 6-7 315 32 7 Stanford

Clabo, Tyson 77 OT 6-6 331 30 8 Wake Forest

Reynolds, Garrett 75 OT 6-7 317 24 3 North Carolina

Svitek, Will 74 OT 6-6 309 30 7


Jolly, Kyle 67 T 6-6 300 24 1 North Carolina

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RT is fine. I don't think it's wise relying on Kyle Jolly who got cut by one of the worse pass protecting OL in the league though. Svitek showed he's decent but I don't think he's someone with a lot of upside. Would like someone that has a higher ceiling than him.

As for DT, we can improve on Peters and Walker. Walker is a good rotation DT and Peters goes through portions of the season invisible. We need a body that can manhandle and crush the pocket, something which we don't have.

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