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Mbgt 2012 - Early Vote Thread


MBGT Game Vote  

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  1. 1. What game for the MBGT?

    • 9/9 Week 1: Cards @ Falcons
    • 9/16 Week 2: Raiders @ Falcons
    • 9/23 Week 3: Giants @ Falcons

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Hello, Falcons faithful. And Happy Easter or whatever it is you do/don't celebrate.

This week, we saw a leak of the NFL schedule go live. Now, I know this is a "leak" but I want to get feelers out for what we the fans are thinking. This year, we have a truly unique occurrence: An actual WEEK ONE home game. Matter of fact, we somehow have three in a row. This (official schedule TBA) is awesome.

I am teaming up with some other Falcons fans via Twitter and other sites to try to make this a banner year. Last year was a ton of fun, but thanks to the lockout, attendance was a tad low. Let's get the chatter going and start putting the money back to make this year a truly BIG one. I want to take over the entire Fairfield Inn and turn the parking lot into a heavy metal concert scene with beer and firetrucks and nudity.

So let's prematurely vote...which game? I am voting for Week 1 because it will be a TRUE home opener, the Cards are a joke, and the weather will still be great.

Keep in mind that this will also serve as a loose head count for when I call the hotel to demand cheap rooms.

Vote away and give your .02!

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Guest Gritz

Even though I live in the area (and hence wouldn't need a hotel room) I'd like to be there for the infamous Saturday night cookout.

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I think the 'leaked schedule' is a sham. There's just too many weird things on it such as The Panthers opening the season at home, the same day the DNC is at BoA Stadium. The Patriots go on a 5 week stretch where they don't play a home game. Crazy MNF games such as Cleveland @ Miami, etc.

As far as a vote, I would love for the MBG to happen the week we play the Cowboys. mainly because I'll be driving down for that game regardless, lol.

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