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My Music On Vinyl Purchases For Today.

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Goodwill was stocked for 2 bucks apiece:

Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill

Public Enemy Yo Bumrush the show

Willie Nelson The Redheaded stranger

Nas Illmatic 10th anniversary addition

and Nas The Lost tapes.

Now old stuff like Public Enemy and Beastie Boys I love. I don't know #### about Nas but I constantly hear how great he is and how great Illmatic is. If you ####ers are lying and it sucks somebody is gonna give me my money back. Im gone get my money!

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I have some DBT cds and dvds, but I don't have that one. to me EVERYTHING sounds better on vinyl.

That's true, but this one has a more stark difference than most. It's like they mixed it for vinyl and said "to **** with people who like all those other frequencies that only dogs and Don Henley can hear......"

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