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Can Anyone Guess Who These Falcons Are. Im Sure One Is Obvious

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I think Andre Rison was a very under-rated receiver. I remember him almost single handedly beating Georgia in a bowl game one year. During a 4 year span in the early 90's Rice and Sterling Sharpe were his only peers. One of the best ever. Jerry Rice even called him the best receiver in the league at one point.

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But bad moon also had drama. Guns in night clubs, burned down houses. These days he would have been in jail and suspended for life. Shows how far the NFL has changed and the world.

Revisionist History at its best. He brandished a gun in a Kroger parking lot. His girlfriend burned his house down. How would that get him suspended for life? Aqib Talib shot at somebody, Plaxico shot himself in a nightclub, and Donte Stallworth killed a man. All ended up playing again. Can we stop being so over dramatic?

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I'm talking about how great of a FOOTBALL PLAYER he was. That can't be disputed.

I know.. It was a great time to be a falcon fan. You knew who was true falcon fans because we didnt even have a bandwagon at that time. We had more like a stationwagon.

But we had our big plays and where exciting to watch.

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