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The Braves Hate Toddlers


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My son turns 3 in a couple weeks and I wanted to get him a customized Atlanta Braves tshirt with the number 3 and his name on it. They only have 3-4 options for toddlers (size 2T) and none of it is customizable. ****, I'd even get a Murphy shirt, but they don't have those in toddler either.

Anyone know a site where I might find something?

Somehow, I know this is Brooks Conrad's fault.

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ALL toddlers are liberal socialists. They don't have jobs, they eat everyone elses groceries and they cry and screqam when they don't get their way.

I think the Braves actually issued a press release about their disdain for toddlers, if I remember correctly. Eggs was known to go out of his way to put an elbow into a toddlers ribs.Hated the cusses.

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