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Props To Quitrino


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Eventhough he's a scumbag dou-che, he pulled off a hot blonde. If y'all think she's not hot, I wanna see what type of chicks y'all pulling, that is all.

Believe me, not that I'm anything special to look at, and neither is he, but if I had his loot and status, I could pull something a tad better, and so could she(maybe that was the cause of the accident.. Sun got in my eyes, my buttph34r.png

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If I were single, I would hit that, not gonna lie. She has her flaws (basically everything between her nose and neck), but a 6 ft., toned blonde would still get the one night treatment. They're all 1's or 0's i my book. (meaning a yes or no)

w/ that said, my wife is w/o a doubt better looking than her. (I am 32)

comparing her to Petrino.....he should be proud he pulled anything even decent looking. Especially getting a girl who is engaged. hats a bigger win that snagging some married broad who is just sick of it. Quite an accomplishment for the little pig faced bast ard.

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