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Obama's Taunt, Threat To The Supreme Court, Begs The Question To Be Asked...

Guest Deisel

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Guest Deisel

"it would be unprecedented for the court to rule that a law was unconstitutional" after being voted by congress.. He supposedly taught constitutional law at Harvard. For him to make this remark KNOWING that the court has struck down 1000's of laws, they find unconstitutional, begs to ask, Does Obama know this fact? or Does Obama think he can cloud the issue with his voters, upsetting them, misleading them into thinking the Court, after striking down Obamacare, is taking THEIR healthcare away?

I think Obama's remarks were ignorant of the facts and a ploy, knowing the MSM will carry his message, this subterfuge, to the airwaves, TV's and the average democrat won't know the truth and cry out, "Look at what this right leaning court has takin from us". Its another bone to his 99% crowd who are obvious boobs. That know nothing crowd thinks Govt should pay restitution for their Unremarkable lots in life. The average voter for Obama doesn't read the papers, doesn't question his remarks and thinks Obama dollars will pay their house notes, their gas money.

Obamas taunt to the Supremes is Unprecendented. Thats a fact. Another fact is He and Holder have now pizzed off a bunch of federal judges and THE SUPREME court. Why and how did Obama know the closed door vote went against him? Kagen. She called and said, "ah, Mr., I mean Prez Obama, I got bad news for ya. Your healthcare, that I bird dogged for ya, which is why you put me on the court, aint passin muster'd."

This is a bomb shell and its exploding. Just another reason why Obama is the worst leader, president in the last 100 years. Jimmy can relax.


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