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April 2013 Uga Recruiting Thread


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The No. 1 recruit in North Carolina, a US Army All-American, revamped his Top 5 on Sunday.

"I like Clemson, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Ohio State," North told Tigerillustrated.com Sunday morning at Charlotte (NC) Mallard Creek High School prior to the Rivals.com/VTO Sports North Carolina Elite 100.

In a followup inquiry, North was asked for an order to his current Top 5.

"That is the order," North said. "Clemson one, North Carolina two, Georgia three, Florida four and Ohio State five."

Best possible position we could be in considering he hasnt visited and has been to CU and UNC multiple times. We need to stay on him and get him in though

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New Orleans (LA) Edna Karr High School four-star TE Standish Dobardhas gotten plenty of national attention and has done tons of interviews over the last few months.

Never has he mentioned the Hurricanes as high in his recruiting picture.

But today that all changed.

"I committed to Miami," Dobard said. "I wanted to surprise everybody. I knew what I was going to do, just played games. Once I got to Miami (for an unofficial visit today) and I saw what I needed to see, boom, I made it happen."

Dobard grew up a huge Hurricane fan. He says he wants to be a Cane because "It's Miami, the Miami Hurricanes, the best football program ever. I came and I saw the players and the coaches, and I saw that it's a big family. They're phenomenal coaches. I see that family, want to be part of the U. It's the U."

Interesting. All recruits should know not to mess with Auburn though...hope he doesnt get the death threats

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