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Pictures From My Trip To Nfl Popup Shop


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So the NFL popup shop is just a block from work so I went by to take a look during my lunch. I have to say, I was never a fan of the tri-color sleeves and for one reason or another, they kept it. I like the solid color that you can see in some of the other jerseys in the first picture (Giants, Ravens, Steelers, taints) much better.

The fabric of the jerseys are much better though. I just don't see much of a difference in design from the Reebok ones.

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Thanks for the better pics

thanks for the better pictures. i like the seams for the shoulder pads. material looks better as well. wish they would have gotten rid of the white and black on the sleeves tho.

No problem.

Jersey looks somewhat silky.

Is it similar in feel to Nike Dri-fit shirts (with a bit more thickness, obviously)?

Blazer, that's exactly how they feel. Like dri-fit but thicker.

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There was no stitching. These were the replicas on display. For replicas though, the quality was much better than what I'm use to with the Reebok ones for replicas. Still don't think I'm going to buy one for a while though since the look isn't much different.

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