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No Need To Worry People The Uni's Look The Same

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can you post a photo?

I cant access the site at work, and others may not be able to either.

There is really no point, just look up the current falcons uniforms and that's what our uniforms are now, just add some stupid collar change and add a nike symbol lol.

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It really wasn't about Logo Changes or anything huge, but they are identical to the reebok jerseys. Very little difference if any.

uh, no they arent. they are lighter, they are 50% stronger, they keep form under wet conditions, they are completely different material than reebok.

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My problem is this, I was down to spend the money on Jerseys. I dig em. I buy myself a new Jersey or 2 each year, buy my wife one or 2, and my son always gets a #2 Jersey at the begining on the year. I was cool with dropping the coin on the Nike Jersey, but I don't see the point in buying a Jersey that looks EXACTLY like the ones I already have. Not gonna happen. They could've mixed it up, they decided not to. Their choice. It's mine not to buy their product...

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