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********* Draftnut57's 12Th Annual Draft Game *********

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Alright , It is 25 days until the draft so you'll have plenty of time to figure out who you want as your 20 players. Simply put your 20 players down. No special order, It does not matter where or when they will be picked.

1st tie breaker is to Write down what position we will take in each round.You'd think that would have been enough of a tie breaker, But not so.

2nd tie breaker will be do we trade up or down once? Twice? None. You could for example put trade up once and down once, Up twice, Or no trades at all.

Good luck ... This makes the Draft a lot more fun also. Because I alway put players I think we need and the ones I want, and hope that TD will see the same ones I do.

This game Thread will be locked the night before the draft at 12 midnight. No editing will be allowed after this time. Thanks.........Draftnut57


1.Write down 20 players You think we will Draft. No special order.

2.First tie breaker=Write down what position we take and in what order we take them. 1st Pick LB, 2nd pick OT, 3rd Pick C 4th Pick S, etc. Note , if we trade up or down and say for example we end up with a 2nd round pick. We will still go by what positions you picked for us to take in the order you choose. Doesn't matter if we have a trade up or down. If we end up with an extra pick because of a trade down , that last pick will not be considered in the tie breaker.

3.Second tie breaker= Trade up once and down once, no trade. one trade up. just examples.

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1. Vinny Curry DE Marshall

2. Cam Johnson DE UVA

3. Audie Cole LB NC St

4. Kelcie McCray S Ark St

5. Patrick Witt QB Yale

6. Mitchell Schwartz OT Cal

7. Zebrie Sanders OT FSU

8. Ben Jones C Georgia

9. Andrew Tiller G Syracuse

10. Tom Compton OT SDU

11. Kelechi Osemele OG ISU

12. Jared Crick DE Neb

13. Jonathan Massaquoi DE Troy St

14. Bruce Irvin LB WV

15. Vick Ballard RB Miss St

16. David Wilson RB VT

17. Terrence Ganaway RB Baylor

18. Michael Egnew TE Missouri

19. Orson Chales TE Georgia

20. Ladarius Green TE LA-Lafayette


2. OT

3. DE

5. RB

6. OG

7. QB


1 Trade Down

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1. Kendall Reyes_DT/DE

2. Emmanuel Acho_LB

3. Orson Charles_TE

4. Alameda Ta'amu_NT/DT

5. Brandon Brooks_OG

6. Nate Potter_LT

7. Bobbie Massie_LT

8. Shea McClellin_OLB/DE

9. Vinny Curry_OLB/DE

10. Kevin Zietler_OG

11. Donald Stephenson_OT

12. Josh Robinson_CB

13. Isaiah Pead_RB

14. Russell Wilson_QB

15. Brandon Thompson_DT

16. Robert Blanton_CB/FS

17. Josh Chapman_NT/DT

18. Mychal Kendricks_OLB/MLB

19. Ladarius Green_TE

20. Stephen Gilmore_CB

Tie breaker 1

2. DT

3. OG

5. OT

6. TE

7. QB

Tie breaker 2

one trade up

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starting the list:

1. Brandon Thompson, DT

2. Shea McClellin, DE/OLB

3. Kelechi Osemele, OT/G

4. Kendall Reyes, DT

5. Michael Egnew, TE

6. Mitchell Schwartz, OT

7. Myles Wade, DT

8. Mychal Kendricks, LB

9. Josh Chapman, DT

10. Vinny Curry, DE

11. Adrien Robinson, TE

12. Jeff Allen, OT

13. Bobby Massie, OT

14. James Brown, OT

15. Chris Rainey, RB/WR

16. Brandon Brooks, OG

17. Cody Pearcy, WR

18. Gino Gradkowski, C/G

19. David Wilson, RB

20. Tavon Wilson, S

Tie Breaker:

2. DT

3. OT

5. TE

6. OG

7. WR

Tie Breaker 2:

Trade down

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If I remember then subject to change for now

1.Brandon Thompson DT

2.Alameda Ta'amau DT

3.Myles Wade DT

4.Bruce Irvin DE

5.Coby Fleener TE

6.Dwayne Allen TE

7.Ladarius Green TE

8.Michael Egnew TE

9.Josh Campton DT

10.Bobby Massie OT

11.Brandon Hardin S

12.Nate Potter OT

13.Vinny Curry DE

14.Jake Bequette DE

15.Mike Martin DT

16.Kelechi Osemele OT

17.Andre Branch DE

18.Brandon Washington OG

19.Terrance Ganaway RB

20.Eddie Pleasant S








1 Trade Down

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Work in progress:

Kendall Reyes DT UCONN

Brandon Brooks OG Miami of Ohio

Kelechi Osemele OG Iowa State

Ladarius Green TE ULL

Ben Jones C UGA

Tavon Wilson S Illinois

Kourtnie Brown DE Clemson

Orson Charles TE UGA

Amini Silatolu, G/OT, Midwestern State

Jeff Allen OT Illinois

DeQuan Menzie CB Alabama

Malik Jackson DE Tennessee

Tim Fugger DE/OLB Vanderbilt

Vinny Curry DE/OLB Marshall

Gino Gradkowksi, C, Delaware








Trade down once

Chase Minnifield CB Virginia

Alameda Ta'amu, DT/NT, Washington

Jayron Holsey CB Va Tech

Akiem Hicks, DT/NT, Regina University (Canada)

Trenton Robinson, FS, Michigan State

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1. Kevin Zeitler OG

2. Peter Konz OC

3. Chandler Jones DE

4. Amini Silatolu OG

5. Lamar Miller RB

6. Dwayne Allen TE

7. Zebrie Sanders OG

8. T.Y Hilton WR

9. Alameda Ta'amu DT

10. Brandon Thompson DT

11. Cam Johnson DE

12. Tom Compton OT

13. Nate Potter OT

14. Jeff Allen OT

15. Aaron Corp QB

16. Orson Charles TE

17. James-Michael Johnson ILB

18. Courtney Upshaw DE

19. Ben Jones OC

20. Jonathan Martin OT

Tie Breakers






Trade up

Much tougher this year than in years past.

*just for my own note, I removed DT Mike Martin from my list of 20. Just posting as a reminder to slap myself since we are now virtually guaranteed to select him since I took him off the list.*

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1. Brandon Thompson, DT

2. Alameda Ta’amau, DT

3. Dwayne Allen, TE

4. Adrien Robinson, TE

5. Ladarius Green, TE

6. Orson Charles, TE

7. Nate Potter, OT

8. Vinny Curry, DE

9. Chris Polk, RB

10. Devon Still, DT

11. Brandon Brooks, OG

12. Kelechi Osemele, OG

13. Doug Martin, RB

14. Kendall Reyes, DT

15. David Wilson, RB

16. Andre Branch, DE

17. Bruce Irvin, DE

18. Austin Davis, QB

19. Josh Chapman, DT

20. Donald Stephenson, OT

1st DT

2nd DE

3rd OT

4th TE

5th QB

6th WR

Trade down once

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1. OT Mitchell Schwartz

2. OT Andrew Datko

3. OT Donald Stephenson

4. OT/OG Kelechi Osemele

5. OG Brandon Brooks

6. C Ben Jones

7. TE Dwayne Allen

8. TE Ladarius Green

9. TE Adrien Robinson

10. DE Vinny Curry

11. DE Tyrone Crawford

12. DE Jake Bequette

13. DT Brandon Thompson

14. DT Josh Chapman

15. DT Mike Martin

16. DT DeAngelo Tyson

17. CB Trumaine Johnson

18. CB Brandon Boykin

19. QB Ryan Lindley

20. QB Stephen Garcia

Tie Breaker 1

2. OT

3. TE

5. DE

6. DT

7. CB

7. QB

Tie Breaker 2

1 Trade Down, 1 trade up

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5'9 185lbs CB Brandon Boykin

6'5 315lbs OT Tom Compton

5'10 195lbs CB Ryan Steed

6'0 205lbs FS Tavon Wilson

5'11 190lbs CB Casey Hayward

6'5 240lbs TE Ladarius Green

6'2 204lbs CB/FS Trumaine Johnson

6'1 267lbs FB Todd Anderson

6'3 245lbs OLB/DE Bruce Irvin

6'4 325lbs G Andrew Tiller

6'2 202lbs FS/SS Kelcie McCray

5'10 185lbs CB Dwight Bentley

5'11 206lbs RB David Wilson

6'4 250lbs DE/OLB E.J. Nduka

6'3 211lbs QB Dominique Davis

6'2 315lbs DT Brandon Thompson

6'3 305lbs G/C Gino Gradkowski

6'3 260lbs DE/OLB Shea McClellin

5'10 170lbs WR/KR Cody Pearcy

6'2 290lba DT Antoine Rogers

6'1 316lbs DT Josh Chapman

5'11 195lbs WR Malcolm Beyah

6'2 236lbs LB Tank Carder

5'11 17lbs WR/KR Cody Pearcy

6'4 264lbs TE Adrien Robinson

5'11 206lbs RB David Wilson

6'4 310lbs DT Christo Bilukidi

6'2 265lbs OLB/DE Melvin Ingram

6'1 315lbs NT Myles Wade

6'5 315lbs OT Mitch Schwartz

6'2 218lbs QB Austin Davis

6'0 185lbs WR Ryan Balentine

6'6 333lbs OG/OT Kelechi Osemele

5'10 192lbs WR Ryan Broyles

5'10 195lbs WR/KR Nathan Palmer

6'5 314lbs C/G Peter Konz

6'5 295lbs DT/DE Armond Armstead

6'3 233lbs QB B.J. Coleman

6'6 315lbs LT Donald Stephenson

5'11 240lbs LB Mychal Kendricks

6'5 315lbs OT Zebrie Sanders

6'4 260lbs DE/OLB Andre Branch

6'4 25lbs OLB/DE D.J Bryant

6'3 225lbs QB Patrick Witt

6'4 256lbs DE Kourtnei Brown

6'2 230lbs OLB/DE Jerome Raymond

6'8 305lbs OT Dennis Kelly

6'3 303lbs C/G Ben Jones

5'10 190lbs CB Jayron Hosley

6'0 185lbs WR D.J Woods

6'8 310lbs LT Steven Baker

6'7 305lbs OT Kevin Murphy

5'10 185lbs CB Justin Haulcy-Bateman

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1)Austin Davis

2)B.J. Coleman

3)Vick Ballard

4)Marquis Maze

5)Tim Benford

6)Dwayne Allen

7)Josh Chichester

8)George Bryan

9)Quinton Saulsberry

10)Cam Johnson

11)Trumaine Johnson

12)Brandon Taylor

13)Antonio Allen

14)Charles Mitchell

15)Brandon Thompson

16)Alameda Ta'amu

17)James Brown

18) Nick Jean Baptiste

19)Josh Chapman

20)Travian Robertson

Tie Breaker 1






Tie Breaker 2

Trade down once

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1. Alameda Ta'amu DT Washington

2. Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DT Baylor

3. Brandon Thompson DT Clemson

4. Markus Kuhn DT N.C. State

5. Courtney Upshaw DE Alabama

6. Tim Fugger DE Vanderbilt

7. Trumaine Johnson DB Montana

8. Casey Heyward DB Vanderbilt

9. Antonio Allen SS South Carolina

10. Tavon Wilson FS Illinois

11. Caleb McSurly LB Montana

12. Mike Adams OT Ohio State

13. Kelechi Osemele OT Iowa State

14. Donald Stephenson OT Oklahoma

15. Gino Gradkowski C Delaware

16. Garth Gerhardt C Arizona State

17. Brandon Brooks OG

18. Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State

19. Evan Rodriguez FB Temple

20. Adrien Robinson TE Cincinatti

Draft Order - OT, DT, OG, DB, C, FB

Trade - Up once.

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Lucas Nix

Gino Gradowski

Tavon Wilson

Myles Wade

Alameda Ta'Amu

Brandon Thompson

Andre Branch

Delano Johnson

Devon Wylie

Michael Egnew

Adrien Robinson

Bobbie Massie

Mitch Schwartz

Nate Potter

Jeff Allen

Donald Stephenson

Cyrus Gray

Tim Fugger

Austin Davis



2. OT

3. DT

5. TE

6. LB

7. QB


Trade Up

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1. Vinny Curry DE

2. Cam Johnson DE

3. Jake Bequette DE

4. Chase Minnifield CB

5. Jayron Hosely CB

6. Trumaine Johnson CB

7. Dequan Menzie CB

8. Dwayne Allen TE

9. Michael Egnew TE

10. LaDarius Green TE

11. Brandon Thompson DT

12. Kendall Reyes DT

13. Kheeston Randall DT

14. Akiem Hicks DT

15. Mitchell Schwartz T

16. Nate Potter T

17. James Carmon T

18. Andrew Datko T

19. Justin Anderson T

20. Tony Dye S

2. Defensive End

3. Cornerback

5. Tight End

6. Defensive Tackle

7. Offensive Tackle

7. Safety

2 trades down

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****reserved for the winner*******

1. Brandon Brooks OG Miami (Ohio) 6-5 346

2. LaMichael James RB Oregon 5-8 194

3. Nick Foles QB Arizona 6-5 243

4. Ben Jones C Georgia 6-3 303

5. Mitchell Schwartz OT California 6-5 318

6. Dwayne Allen TE Clemson 6-3 255

7. Brandon Thompson DT Clemson 6-2 314

8. Tommy Streeter WR Miami (Fla.) 6-5 219

9. Brandon Taylor SS LSU 5-11 209

10. Donald Stephenson OT Oklahoma 6-6 312

11. Orson Charles TE Georgia Jr 6-3 251

12. Ladarius Green TE La.-Lafayette 6-6 238

13. Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina 6-0 197

14. Audie Cole ILB North Carolina State 6-4 246

15. Nicholas Jean-Baptiste DT Baylor 6-2 335

16. Rishaw Johnson OG California (PA) 6-3 313

17. Case Keenum QB Univ-Houston 6-2 210

18. Junior Hemingway WR Michigan 6-1 225

19. Nate Potter OT Boise State 6-6 303

20. Tom Compton OT South Dakota 6-5 314

Tie Breaker 1

2. HB

3. TE

5. OT

6. QB

7. C

7. DT

Tie Breaker 2

1 Trade

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1-Coby Fleener

2-Orson Charles

3-Chris Polk

4-Donald Stephenson

5-Tom Compton

6-Brandon Thompson

7-Mitchell Schwartz

8-Mychal Kendricks

9-Adrien Robinson

10-Josh Chapman

11-Gino Gradkowski

12-David Wilson

13-EJ Nduka

14-Casey Heyward

15-Kelcie McCray

16-Trumaine Johnson

17-Brandon Boykin

18-Ryan Steed

19-Mike Harris

20-Tavon Wilson

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1. Brandon Thompson DT Clemson

2. James Hanna TE Oklahoma State

3. Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt

4. Ryan Steed CB Furman

5. Quinton Richardson S Washington

6. Markelle Martin S Oklahoma State

7. Mike Martin DT Michigan

8. Devon Wylie WR Fresno State

9. George Iloka S Boise State

10. T.Y. Hilton WR Florida International

11. T.J. Graham WR NC State

12. Jarius Wright WR Arkansas

13. Cyrus Gray HB Texas A&M

14. Brandon Bolden HB Ole Miss

15. Kelechi Osemele T Iowa State

16. Donald Stephenson T Oklahoma

17. Michael Egnew TE Missouri

18. Demario Davis OLB Arkansas State

19. Brandon Boykin CB Georgia

20. Jonathan Massaquoi DE/OLB Troy







Trade down twice

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Miles Burris, LB

Bobby Wagner LB

Cordarro Law, LB

Donald Stephenson OT

Bradley Sowell, OT

Andrew Datko OT

Ladarius Green, TE

Orson Charles TE

Lamar Miller, RB

David Wilson RB

Duke Ihenacho S

Sean Richardson, S

Brandon Hardin S

Cam Johnson DE

Brandon Thompson DT

Ryan Steed CB

Coty Sensabaugh CB

Ron Brooks CB

Brandon Boykin CB

Marquis Maze WR

*will be updated


TB 2: No Trade

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  • Brandon Boykin CB
  • Brandon Thompson DT
  • Alameda Ta'amu DT
  • Mitchell Schwartz OT
  • Jeff Allen G/T
  • Mike Martin DT
  • Ladarius Green TE
  • Cam Johnson DE
  • Derek Wolfe DT
  • Josh Chapman DT
  • Jake Bequette DE
  • Michael Egnew TE
  • Chris Rainey RB
  • Kyle Wilbur LB
  • Darius Fleming LB
  • Markus Kuhn DT
  • Jerry Franklin LB
  • Adrien Robinson TE

19.Nickolas Jean Baptiste DT

20.Bret Roy LB

DE, TE , DT, LB, DT Trade up once

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